Day 6

September 5, 2010

It is a fabulous privelidge to be wealthy.  To know that you can create any weatlh you like.  To know that anything you desire is open to you, that it is already yours, and is just a matter of reeling it in.  Just as all the wealthy people I have every met just knew they were going to be wealthy, it was going to happen, I have that knowing now myself.  Something has shifted in me.  Just like when I knew I was no longer resisting being single and that a great love was on its way, I let go, I relaxed, I didn’t worry.  I enjoyed the freedom of my singleness and enjoyed the anticipation of meeting him.  Its the same with wealth.  I have no resistance to my position now.  I have no care that I have sold no paintings for the last few months.  Its of no concern to me.  I know that riches are on their way.  I know people are coming to buy my paintings.  It gives me great energy to make contacts, to ask galleries to have my paintings, to hold exhibitions.  I was doing those things with fear of failure for such a long time.  That fear is gone.  The results are coming, I just feel it in my bones.  I’m focusing my energy, now, instead of one what I’m doing wrong and fretting about not having what I want, on the joys of what is heading my way.  My studio is cleaner, my house is more lovely. I see the beautiful carpet that will sit at the bottom of my bed. I’m planning the trips we will take as a family.  I’m interested in my success as a painter.  I’m planning the paintings I will make.  I’m preparing myself for the people who are coming to visit my studio, the ones who are buying my paintings.  I’m preparing myself for the influx of demand. I’m preparing myself for the attention that will recieve.   It is fun.  It feels good to know that today I have a whole day to make the most of. I will put everything I have into today.  I won’t get today back, its a gift for me to enjoy and enjoy it I will.  I will do things today as they should be done.  Today is a day for having my house look beautiful.  For doing my hair and makeup.  For preparing beautiful and delicious foods.  Today we are already wealthy.  I will am prepared today to be a wealthy person and if the actual money doesn’t arrive today, no matter.  No matter at all.  It will come in its own good time.  And when it does it will be recieved with gratitude and delight.  There will be no regret that it didn’t come earlier.  Today I will focus on how wonderful it is that others have wealth in the world. I will feel enjoyment and greatfulness that there is wealth that others are recieving, I see it as an indication of what is possible for me.  I forgive everyone today I have ever felt angry or resentful for because of the way they spent their money, or kept it from me.  I forgive everyone today who didn’t buy a painting when I thought they should.  I will forgive myself for ever feeling like I didn’t have what it takes to create any wealth that I desire.  I am in an ocean of energy.  I open my pores and let this energy flow it.  It is love, power, grace, wealth. I have abundance flowing though me.  It is good to be alive.


Day 3

September 2, 2010

I am a grateful person.  Grateful for all the amazing people, experiences and things in my life.  I’m have turned a corner.  The cynisim I have felt in the past has dissapeared.  I handle setbacks with graciousness and ease.  I know now that nothing can stop me from being wealthy apart from my own sense of lack. And I don’t mean an esoteric sense of lack or a philosphosical debate about feeling wealthy with little, its more I know that riches are mine.  They are everyones.  It is a matter of understanding the work it takes to realise them.  Its about feeling them in the present.  I am already living in the house we are building.  I walk around the house on the site and I am in the house.  I am wearing the clothes that I desire.  And I am have a huge sense of gratititude for what I have now.  The view, the sun, the food I have in my fridge.  The creative urge is alive within, it is creating the desires I have in my mind.  And I am thrilled I have access to that creativitiy.  If there is anything I’d like to give the world it is to give each soul access to that creativity.  It difyies belife what we are as a race would be capable off if every soul got access to it.  There would be no povety.  There would only be wealth.  We would only have health.  We would only have the keen excitement of what is to come.  We would let go of where we have been.  We would dwell on the strenghts we have and the love we have and the energy available to us.  All that wanted beauty would have it.   I know the best way for me to do that is to practice it myself.  It to focus on my own creative energies.  Its to steadily move towards the desirese of my heart. It is to keep seeing myself in my house.  It is to keep seeing my art becoming more and more desireable.  I see people arriving at my studio and falling in love with my paintings.  They are touched by them.  They buy them.  They tell there friends.  I see my Day Club becoming a prestegious and well patroned excurision.  The women love it.  They always buy something.  I see my art becoming so popular that I build a new studio.  A bigger, lighter studio.  It attracts even more attention.  I have galleries want to represent me.  I have two sell out shows every year.  Jess is also becoming very wealthy because of my work.  Graeme dosn’t have to work any more, he chooses to build our houses and manage our properties.  We have an amazing life.  I have an amazing life.  Wealth is available to me now.  I am a rich person.  I am thankful for all the riches that are available to me now.

Day 2 Evening meditation

September 2, 2010

I close my eyes and I see my ideal body.  I feel its strenth and vitality.  I feel its easy and freedom of movement. I feel its muscles, tight and fit.  My body has strength.  It feels good. I desire to eat fresh foods full of life.  I like fruits and veges and food brimming with energy from the sun. My favourite is picked right then and there and eaten with the warmth of the sun still in it.  My body feel good. I trust it to let me know what it needs.  I trust it to send me the right messages for food and water.  This trust feels good.  My body is letting go of any excess fat.  It doesn’t need excess fat any more.  As I close my eyes and go to sleep tonight, my body will let go of anything it doesn’t need. It is letting go of stress.  It is slim and vital. My body is the shape I’ve always wanted it to be.  Long and lean, fit and trim.  I can wear anything I please.  I feel good in my jeans. I feel good in my heals. Light and trim and safe.  It is safe to be thin.  I walk past people who notice me, notice the good shape I’m in and I feel safe.  I get comments about losing weight and looking good and I feel safe.  My body is safe to let go of excess weight.  As I sleep tonight any excess fat I have will quickly disapear.  As I wake tomorrow I will be fitter and stronger and slimmer.  I wake feeling rested and relaxed and full of energy.  I no longer crave fatty and sweet foods.  I find them bland and lifeless.  They make me feel sluggish and tired.  My body now craves fresh and vital foods.  Foods with colour and richess.  These foods are easy for me to acess and find.  I find myself making easy food choices. I eat whatever I want whenever I want.  It is safe to eat as much as I want.  My body can be trusted.  I can be trusted. It is safe to eat whatever I desire.  I have as much as I need.  I always get as much as I need.  There is an abunance of food for me and I always get exactly what I need. I always eat the perfect ammont of the perfect foods for me.  My body is letting go of that which it does not need.  It is loved and cheriched.  It gets whatever it needs.  I am fit and vital. I can run.  I run the routeburn swiftly and quickly.  I spring into my exercise with ease and enthusiasm.  I enjoying running and feeling fit.  I run in the hills.  I push myself up the hills, running and feeling good. It is good to feel the blood course though my viens.  As I go to sleep tonight anything that is keeping me for letting go of excess fat, anything that is stopping me from being fit is leaving my body. I feel young and full of energy upon awaking.  I feel full of energy as I wake up and start  the new day.  My body feels good.  It is loved. I am safe.  My ideal body is mine upon awakening. As I sleep my ideal body develops itself.  My slim theighs, round small buttocks.  Slim, strong arms.  Long limbs.  When I close my eyes I see my ideal body. I feel my ideal body taking shape as I go to sleep.  I feel my ideal body upon awaking.  Upon awaking I make choices consistent with my body.  It is is easy and gentle and peaceful.  My ideal body is beautiful.  It feels good.  It feels safe.

Day 2 – morning meditation and vizualisation

September 1, 2010

I begin my day with a swim in the ocean of abandance.  Its warm, softness, safety envelops me, comforts me, fills with me with a sense of peace and excitment.  Excitment that all the resources I need are available to me. All the money, all the love, all the energy, all the people are all available to me to create the visions I have. The dreams I have.  The goals and desires I have come alive in the ocean.  As I swim I feel the light flow through me.  I feel every cell in my body opening up and recieving the light, the energy the power to create whatever it is they desire.  As each cell opens up, I sent it love and vitality. I allow it to want whatever it wants and let me know.  I have the ability to listen and provide.  What every cell wants will be given.  I will listen to my thirst, to my hunger, to my desire to stretch and move and rest as my body desires.  As each cell is swiming in the knowlege that all it needs is available, I think about my desires and know that from the energy of the ocean, the abundant loving ocean all that I need to have my desires met is available to me.  I see my self painting with easy and energy.  Paintings flow from me, flow through me onto the canvas.  Books pore out of me, touching peoples lives.   I see people drawn to my paintings, I win awards, the demand for them esculates, I become a destination on waiheke.  I feel rich with the energy of the world.  I know that this energy is available to all people.  The more I use, the more I fill my desires and wants the more there is for other poeple.  The more money I make, the more money others have.  I am expanding the world with my paintings.  They touch poeple.  They emrich their lives.  They gain in value. I am expanding the abandance of the universe.  I see the house I build. It expands the worlds where we build it. It brings beauty to not only us, but our street.  Our whole street benefits from our house. It makes it a more desireable place to live.   I see us travelling as a family.  Gaining in knowlege of other people.  We laugh and admire and expand our minds and our hearts.  We see things that fill our hearts with love.  We travel well.  We eat good food.  We meet good poeple.  We stay in beautiful, interesting places.  Sometimes they are exquistly ornate, sometimes they are quaint and full of ideas, sometimes they are bustling with people.  We are not fussy where we stay as long as the journey expands us.  Teaches as things we didn’t know, showes us sights we haven’t seen.  We do everything from skiing in europe staying in exclusive skiing lodegs, to treking the inka trail sleeping in bags with lots of other unwashed bodies.   Today is a good day.  I see myself brings pleasure to people I encounter today.  I imagine a couple coming into my studio and buying a painting.  I imagine people going into the galleries in Wellington, Queenstown and waiheke and buying paintings.  I see myself working in my studio and loving it.  Feeling calm and sure and rich with the abundance from my swim in the ocean.  It is a good day to be creating.

Sucess vizualisation for day one

September 1, 2010

I am swimming in a vast blue ocean.  Its warm and blue and supportive.  And vast, the ocean is as vast as anything I can imagine.  Its an ocean of abundance.  I’m swimming, fully supported, totally free to dive and swoop and swim.  Every drop of the ocean has as much wealth as there is in the world.  Each drop has all the love a human could ever feel.  Each drop is full to bursting with energy and power and light.  It is warm and I feel safe and protected.  As I swim I feel the pores of my body open and the abundace flows in.  Every cell in my body is full of abundance.  It feels right and comfortable and I know that while I recieve this wealth and love and energy, it is availalbe to all.  There is not a single person on earth that the ocean cannot accomodate.  It is vast and forever replenshish.  In fact the more people who swim, the fuller the ocen becomes.  The more it has to give.  I am free of worry.  I have everything I ever dreamed off.  I can begin to see the dreams I have as I swim in the ocean.  I see my house getting built.  The plans we have made.  The money coming in for the house to build.  I see poeple coming and buying my paintings.  I see them being bought from galleries, from Wellington, from queenstown from waiheke. I see people coming to my studio and buying the paintings off the walls.  I see exhibitions I have being sold out.  I see a major sponsor promoting my exhibitions.  I see the Day Club excurisions getting more and more word of mouth to the point where I am fully booked every week.  I see paintings being sold every time people come to my gallery.  I see my painting to meet the demand. I see paintings flowing out of me.  I see articles being writen in papers, magazines.  Attention on my art is gathering and gathering quickly.  I see myself flourishing in my studio.  I am loving it.  I feel happy and grateful.  As sales pick up we start to plan for the house.  Justin and lou produce the drawings, Graeme takes six months of work and begins to build.  My art in selling many months ahead for commissions.  It is a beauituful house. It is light and airy and warm and easy to be in.  Its comfy and relaxed. Serene and peaceful.  Kids toys are easily put away, yet kids feel easy to be in it. Its a hub of activity. Dinners, play dates, working.  And its a calm haven. Reading and contemplating the view.  Oh the view. How I love the view and how the house works in with it.  It fits.  It fits the landscape. It fits our family.  It fits everything.  I feel so proud of what we have achived.  I feel so thrilled and grateful and happy.  Those visions are with me as I float and dive and feel the power of the light, soft, wather surrond me. Filling me with all the light, energy and abunance of the world. Every cell is open to receiving now.  I know my dreams are on their way to me.  I feel them coming, one small step at a time. I feel them moving toward me, surly and steadily.  And as they move towards me I am open to them.  I am open to the riches of the world. I am a rich person, expecting, as rich people do, the riches of the world to flow to me.  And I give thanks.

Day 1 Vizulasation and meditation

August 31, 2010

Today is a beautiful day.  I see it stretching out before me with fun and delightful anticipation.  I will arise from my mediation full of energy and spring into my breakfast and shower.  I’ll laugh with Maddie and have fun with her little noiseies and movements.  I can feel my body and I move about the house feeling trim and tight.  It is a good feeling.  I see myself enjoying eating vibrant healthy foods.  I desire fresh frutis and veges more than anything.  Other, processed foods have lot their appeal to me, they taste bland and unsatisfying.  Breads and crackers taste bland and cardboardy.  I much prefer fruit and fish and fresh delicious foods full of vitality and life.  I feel good about my choices.  I can feel every cell in my body feeling vibrant and cared for.  Any excess fat is falling off my body. I don’t need it any more. Its very safe for me to be thin.  Its safe and healthy and I am moving towards my natural weight.  My natual, fit healthy weight.  When I feel stress today I can see myself moving my body.  Going for a short run or swinging my arms around.  I don’t need to go to the kitchen cupboard anymore.  I’m free of thoughts about needing to be thin or needing to control my eating somehow.  I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and these days those things are full of nutrition.  They are live, vibrant choices.  My skin is glowing.  My hair is glowing.  My joints are free and easy.  My immune system is robust and alive and full of power.  It tells me exactly what it needs and I listen.  I understand when I need water, food, exercise.  I love my body. I love it in every way.  It gives me pleasure.  It feels great in clothes.  I feel safe in my body. I feel safe in my body.  When people complement me, I let go and feel protected by my guardian angle.  I feel safe.  Compliments are about them, not me.  I feel safe and free.  I eat whatever and whenever I want.  I run with lightness and swiftness.  I see myself finishing the routeburn in 4.30 minutes.  I’m fresh.  The running I do for training is fun and I feel strong and good.  The tracks on waiheke get easier and eaier.  I charge up with hills with power and lightheartedness.  I recover fast and well.  My body trusts it will be feed what it needs.  I feel safe in my body.  It tells me what it needs.  I love it.  I feel safe.  I feel free.  I feel alive with love in my body.  I drink what I want and I want lots of water.  I eat what I want and want fresh, vibrant foods.  I am satified when I eat.  I trust that I’ll always have enough.  I always have enough.  Breads and buscuits taste bland and tasteless to me.  They are bland and tasteless.  Fruits and veges are full of taste and satisfaction. They have the nutients my body is craving.  It is good to be in my body today. It is good and I’m happy to be me.

The luckiest girl in the world

August 29, 2010

I must be.  The luckiest girl in the world.  Absolutly. Think of it this way, everything that happens to me, I believe has given me richness, fullness, empathy, reward, pleasure, depth, desire, fun, emotion and much, much more.  Even the the things that at the time seemed uncalled for, depressing, hard to deal with or in other words I resisted when they happened along, with hindsight are experiences I won’t swap for anything.  Anything.  That is the thing when the realisation strikes that there is only one source of pain in this world and that is resistance to what is going on.  Let go of resistance, allow the fruits of whatever experience is being offered to you and wham, you have an amazing life.  Well, that how I see it anyway.  And so.  I wake up in the morning, without the most money, without being married, with just a tiny slightly awkward house, with only one child, with a history of self loathing and food obsession, without being the fastest or the strongest, without many thing I’ve desired over the years, with many things I’ve wanted to avoid and yet, still, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.    Each desire now, instead of feeling depressing feels gorgeous.  Its want within me feels exciting and alive.  Each aspect of my life I don’t like, or want different feels challenging and with it rewarding.   Just like a big hill in a bike race will it be painful, sure, will it be tough, sure, would the race be the same without it?  No way.  Would I give up the hills and only take the reward at the end. Not on your life.  I like challenges.  And, I’m no longer defined by them.  I’m not a loser if I lose a race. I’m not ill if I have a disease. I’m not a failure if I fail to sell a painting.  I’m not lonely if I’m alone. I’m not a bad person if I make a bad choice.  I don’t care if I’m the last one over the finish line, if I have a life threating illness, if I do the stupidest thing in the world, from where I am, whatever my situation I can always take a step towards my desires.  I can always find a small improvement.  And I can always be happy and grateful for that improvement.  I can always find power and grace and love.  Those are the things I chose to be defined by.  And chose to see in others.  I have today to be the best I can.  I am thankful for this day.  I am alive to it.  I am living today with a future that excites me.  Of my house we are building.  Of a solid, fun, rewarding marriage.  Or a bustling busy, loving family.  Of a vibrant, art practice that calls me to paint.  Of a writer who touches millions of lives for the better.  That is worth getting up and getting into the day for.  Oh yes it is.


August 26, 2010

I have no idea what to write about this morning, so I’m just starting and seeing where it takes me.  Okay, lets start by going into the future, I’m 50.  I’ve just celebrated my 50th birthday, in Queenstown, with my extended family.  That includes Mum, Dad, partners of each, children of those partners and their kids, Jane, David, Justin and his family, Elinor and her partner, Noelene, Jo and her family and of course Graeme and Maddie.  It was a BIG, noisy crowd.  Being June it was cold, but beautiful.  We had games on the lawn, a big fire roaring inside, then a huge catered meal inside.  We had venison and duck with roast veges and salads.  We drank lots of red wine and danced into the wee hours of the night.  Even Mum and Dad, in their late 70’s were into the swing of things.  I felt so proud of everyone.  I kept stoping and feeling more grateful than ever for the amazing life I have.  The last ten years have gone from strength to strength.  My art practice took off again.  Sell out shows became the norm.  The Day Club became a coveted and well known excursion.  I had commissions booked out for six months.  I sell at least one 5k painting a week these days.  Graeme started his glass business on Waiheke and it went gang busters.  He is so good at it.  After two years he put in a manager and started building our house in Waiheke, and bought our plot of land in Queenstown.  He started building the house down there 2 years ago and we finished it just in time for my birthday – such a brilliant birthday present.  Maddie is going to go to high school in Queenstown.  She is very interested in her winter sports so has decided she would like to be near the mountains.  We spend about 2 months a year as a family in Waiheke over the summer, having beach time.  I spend about a month there by myself these days writing, painting.  I love that time to myself.  It makes me love my time with my family even more than ever.  I think they love when I go away too, because I come back refreshed, full of energy, excited to see them.  And Maddie and Graeme always have fun together.  They go on little adventures, tramping, skiing, moutainbiking.  They have a very strong bond those two, I just love it.

Next month

August 25, 2010

As the month of water comes to a close, the month of meditation, visualization draws near.  I’ve been making plans how this month will play out.  Here’s my thinking.  The best way for me to visualize and meditate is to do so by writing.  I’m going to do two writing sessions, one in the morning when I wake up – this will happen at 6.30 – as the best way to mediate, from what I can gather is to do so at the same time every day – and one in the evening, before I turn in.  The later won’t be at the same time every day, but that’s okay.  The morning one is going to be a vizualization about my health.  I will do a few minutes with my eyes closed getting present to my breath, imagining a white light glowing in my body. I will get present to the vibration and vitality of each cell in my body.  Then I’ll open my eyes, start up my computer and do 500 words vizulizeing health and vitality.  This will be very repetitive, pretty much the same every morning.  I’ll imagine each cell in my body briming with life force, communicating with me what it needs, which foods it desires, what activies it would like.  I will imagine each cell being satisfied and loved.  I will imagine myself being slim and fit and vital. I’m imagine myself running the routeburn, full of energy and finishing within 4 and a half hours.  I’ll imagine eating fresh vital foods and enjoying them. I’ll see myself sleeping well, eating well and being relaxed and revitalized.  I’ll imaging my immune system sparkling and robust.  I’ll see my skin fresh and full of life.  And I will allow my imagine to go for it.  Maybe I’ll see myself dressed in beautiful clothes.  I’ll feel good in them, slim in the them, happy and in love with life.  In the evening meditation, I’ll imagine myself wealthy with financial abunance.  I’ll see the house I’ve built with Graeme.  I’ll imagine the feeling of being inside it, enjoying the furnishing, the beauty of it.  I’ll see myself on the road to my house.  The sucessful exhibitions, the people arriving at my studio buying painting, making commissions for modern houses and big corporate collections. I’ll see the art prizes along the way.  I’ll imagine the paintings coming out of me, the flow and peace of painting.   I’ll imagine the build up and sucess of speedrenting. The mulitpling of events, the word of month spread. The bars contacting us.  The way it has become a social norm.  I will imagine Liz and I celebrating what we have achived.  I’ll bask in the happy feelings of contentment.  Of the freedom I have with money. Of the options that have become open to me. Of the fun I had along the way, of how I learned to be a wealthy person before the money arrive.  How I became greateful for what I already had. Pleased with progress.  How I learned to put nothing off. How I did everything I could to the best of my ability.  How I avoided any conversations about lack or poverty or impossibility.  How I became interested in little steps I could take rather than depressed about big chasms that seemed uncrossable. These are the things I will be writitng about every day, around the same time, for a month.

Water water everywhere and drinking every drop

August 23, 2010

That’s what happpens when you dedicate a month to drinking water, the advised amont of eight glasses a day everyday without fail.  Water appears everywhere in your life. Cafe’s, offices, friends houses, childrens play groups.  And having a glass is easy.  It has been a breeze getting my eight glasses.  Apart from the first couple of days when popping off to the toilet looked like it was going to be the dominating activity for a few weeks, its been remarkably effortless.  The toilet stops reduced as my body got used to the water.  The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the marking it off on the blackboard each day.  Every glass gets a dash and every day so far has eight dashes next to it.  Lovely to see my efforts in black and white.  Quite apart from less hunger, less fatigue, easier feeling joints, is the satisfaction of accomplishment.  An interesting thing has happened this month.  At the same time as getting dedicated to actions involving better health, I’ve got excited about actions involving better wealth.  Its like a flood of ideas and opportunities have presented themselves to me and I’m open to them in a way that I haven’t been before. I’ve been reading things and feeling a call to put them into action.  Its all well and good to want changes, but to be prepared to do what it takes is a whole other thing.  I’m been wanting more, well, lets face it, money.  I want to build my own house, I want to travel more, I want better designed shoes made of better quality materials, I want to go see my sister in LA, I want to ski and run the routeburn, I want to visit my step mother in Boston, I want a new rug on my bedroom floor a beautiful woolen one and lamps beside my bed that please me.  I want to eat more organic food.  All these things require more money, so I’ve become very interested in what I can do to achieve that.  And just like going on a diet doesn’t lead to lasting weight loss, I’ve began to see that budgeting and scrimping most certainly doesn’t lead to long term wealth.  Just like feeling bad about your body’s aches only leads to more aches and pains, stressing about a lack of money only leads to more lack.  So, next month, along with meditation and vizulization focused on a healthy, slim vital body, I will include a meditation about abunance of wealth. I will imagine myself in my house, being free to travel, enjoying my shoes and rug and skiing with friends.  I will get clear about the feeling of it all and allow the opportunities to create those things to present themselves.  I will get myself ready to take those opportunities.  Fun times.  I’m preparing myself for the reception of greatness.  Oh yes, what a lovely way to start my day.  It’s making me excited already about September.