Day 23

I feel so fortunate to have what I already have.  My house, my family, my friends, my art practice.  And I love that my art practice is the thing that is making everything else possible.  I love it when people come into my studio and connect immediately with my art. I see that happening more and more often.  Years ago when I first moved to waiheke I had a sign out that front that allowed anyone to happen in if I was there.  I only do that occassionally now.  I get so many people coming by appointment that I can’t just keep the open sign out any more.  I have commissions booked up about six months in advance and I have my two annual shows each year.  It gives me so much pleasure to paint and I love where my painting has gone.  Its more subtle, more secure, more depth, more life and I got to all those spaces without forcing anything.  I did a lot of practice.  Letting go and letting the paintings come though me.  I am happy to report that all the things I thought would happen over the years had. Especially the things that I vizualised clearly and consistantly.  People coming to buy my paintings.  Exhibitions selling out.  Having fun with Jess.  Building the house.  My body being strong and slim.  Having successes in life and love.  I kept a very clear picture of those things and keep being focused on what was working.  I kept being grateful for what I had already achieved and what I already had and sucess started to come more and more quickly.  These days I make a point of thinking about what I want to create next.  I take my time vizualising it very specifically.  What does it feel like.  What does it look like.  What does it smell like.  What will I be wearing when it happens.  For example.  Today I’m thinking about people coming into my studio and buying a painting.  I see myself laughing with then.  Enjoying there company.  We talk and discuss the paintings.  They tell me what they are looking for.  We talk about waht the paintings mean for them and for me.  They choose one they like.  We agree on the payment terms.  I wrap the painting up for them.  They put it in there car and take it away.  I put a red dot on my calendar.  The process is fun and easy and delightful.  I know they are excited by the art work.  They feel it will enhance their lives.  I feel I have made a difference to them.  I feel good about my art work.  I love that it is being loved.  I see this happening more and more.  I see people who have come before coming back again.  Ringing me and asking me to bring a painting they looked at.  I take it to them. I see it hanging on thier wall. They are thrilled.  I am thrilled.  We agree on payment terms. I have another very happy customer.  It is fun being an artist.   Graeme and I are a step closer to building the house.


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