Day 13

Maddie is a year old and we’ve just got back from Raro.   So cool that we went for a celebration like that.  What a couple of years its been.  The last week really was just that a celebration.  Of maddie, of my realtionship with G, of the years to come of the beginging of our new house, of the start of working with Jess, of a turning point for speedrenting.  We snorkeled, and played at the beach, maddie started walking, we dinned out and ate in.  Jane, Rosanne and I went for long walks while the boys looked after the girls.  Graeme went fishing and caught fish for everyone for a week.  We explored the island in convoy and alone.  We walked through bush, we waded in the water. We shopped at the little road stalls and in the airconditioned shoped.  We laughed, we made love, we had fun.  I see myself doing a celebration trip somewhere every year.  As Maddie gets older will  become more adventruros in our travels.  We’ll go to boreno and to south amercica.  We will hike and mountian bike and try strange food and sleep in interesting places.   We we got back from Raro I found out I had sold a bunch of paintings while I was away.  I sold one in Wellington. The girls there said the lovelest couple came in.  They new my work and had been wanting one of my paintings for ages.  They bought a big work.  I sold one in Queenstown, who hadsn’t sold one in such a long time.  Mark from Queenstown rang me and asked if I could send a few more paintings down.  I sold two from the waiheke gallery.  It was liek old days again, with paintings selling as fast as I could make them.  The meeting with Jess really turned me around. I relexed and that relaxation started turning into sales in a fun and easy way.  I stopped, utterly and totally woring about the money, I knew as I sat there in the meeting that the money would come.  Just like I knew Graeme was on his way and when I read Jon Gabriels book, I just knew I was going to be slim.  All the worry feel away.  It might not be over night, but I knew it would come and its been so lovely just sitting back and watching it come in.  Watching the tide turn. Maybe slowly sometimes and quickly other times, but turn it has and I have left all worry behind.  Now I concentrate of fun and making sure people have somthing they love and making sure I love my paintings and that they are a true expression of me.  It is fun.  It is beautiful.  I am celebrating.


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