Day 12

I love waking up in the morning in the house that we built.  I love mostly the feel of it.  Quiet, soft, homely, comfortable, like a glove. Sure and simple.  It is a very simple house.  Small and strong with lots of personality, vet very simple in the way it stands on the land.  The view has become part of the house.  When I wake up and draw my curtains nature greets me with a different voice every day, but one that is familiar and loving.  I feel part of it.  I feel part of the house and part of the nature surronding it.  The boundaries between where I start and the world around me have finished have softened over the years.  I know I have a seperate mind, but that is just about the only thing that is seperate.  We share the sun, the weather, the particals, the stuff between the particles.  We all come from the same place and will ultimately return to the same place. That soften me and make me mold into my surroundings with peace that I’ve only found in my forties.  Building my house was a drawn out exercise of non resistance.  It doesn’t pay to get to attached to time frames and to worried about exactly how things will turn out. The more we had a plan and allowed it to bend and sway to the forces that defined it the better the project became.  Costs changed, people didn’t follow their promises, materials changed and in the end it was all fun.  In every instance we got something better than we had imagined.  Every time we let go of something we thought was important a way better result followed.  It became fun for us seeing what more we could bring to the project.  What new delights were instore.  The furnishing of the hosue became such a fun project for me.  I got two helpers, consultants and the results are just right.  We have gone for as high quaility as our budget allowed. Its a work in progress. My walls are ever changing as my art collection changes.  My bed linens are the softest and whitest I could find.  Our knives are few but very sharp.  We have a very simple kitchen.  A set of scary sharp knives.  Four big solid cutting boards a few wooden spoons and a collection of pots, pans, roasting and baking dishes.  There is not much more.  I dislike gadgets so we have a very pared back to basics ktichen.  My towel cupboard has one brand of soft towels.  All matching. I love when I open the door they are all the same.  Just love it.  While I have been part of building my house, I don’t feel like its mine.  It belongs to all who enjoy it. My doors are open to everyone I love.  I if leave this house for another I will love it and thank it for what its given us and love that it will provide happiness for the next folks.


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