Day 11

I look forward to the day I have such a good exhibition that I can come home and buy graeme a boat.  I won’t even tell him.  I’ll ask Brendon to help me find one, and I’ll just give him the keys and he can go and get it.  Just a small fishing boat that he can take out after work in the summer and go get us dinner.  I love that idea.  I love the idea of being able to take Maddie to LA once a year and visit Jane.  We would go and stay with her in Los Feliz.  We’d rent a car and drive through the hollywood hills, go shopping down in Santa Monica, take walks in Griffith park with Andrew and drive up the coast to Santa Barabara to visit Chad and Mary.  I see myself buying a beautiful road bike and becoming a regular riding out to the bottom end of the island. I’d go during the day when the traffic was light, come wind, rain or shine.  I’d have a place in my garage that makes it easy to clean road bikes. I can see myself riding in a riding out.  I’ll have a couple of sets of comfortable good quality gear to wear.  Great shoes and a jacket that lets me ride in comfort in any weather.  That is what I see.  I see Graeme and I taking long MTB holidays with Maddie when she is older.  We’ll go to the states, hire a car and do a different track every day.  We’ll stay at cheap motels and maybe even camp.  Those are the kind of holiday’s I can’t wait to take with my family.  I see myself as a successful artist in love with life.  My paintings mean something to everyone that buys them.  They feel something about there life everytime they look at them.  I feel them coming to me from a spiritual place and they touch people in a spiritual sense. They touch peoples spirit.  Those that have my paintings grow to love them the more they have them. They raise in value both monetary and sentimental.  They are deeply loved, for both their asethetic and they meaning.  It fills me with reward and a sense of accomplishment to know that I am touching people.  And I love that every time someone buys one of my paintings it effects not just me but my family, Jess and the entire family of the person that will own the painting.  It will be in their family inspiring them to be better people.  That is a good thing to paint for. That is a good thing to get out of bed and create in the morning.  As I go into my day today I will have my heart open. Open to the love and energy of the world.   The abunance of nature, its energy, its cycle its never ending change. Always change. Nothing is static and today I embrace that. I embrace the uncertainly and take everything as it is.  Rain and shine are equally welcomed and enjoyed.  Cold and hot are all good.


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