Day 10

I love being an artist.  And I love being a sucessful artist.  I love the way the paintings feel when they escape from me. When they produce themselves onto a canvas or board through me.  I love the way the colours develop and the images take place.  I love when people come and see my paintings and fall in love with them. I love the way I feel like i’ve made their world bigger.  They go away feeling enriched and enlarged by a painting that will spend its days reminding them of something important to them.  It is there for refrence forevermore.  I love being part of a happy world.  A world where people enjoy themselves, were goodness and grace and creation are an expected from life.  I love that there are no absolultes.   My art takes me on this journey and I love it for it.  I love the exhibitions I have. I love talking with the poeple and finding out about their lives and there passions, who they are, what is important to them.  And that is my life.  Making paintings, meeting and talking with interesting people.  I meet them in board rooms and exhibition halls and boats and streets.  They come to me more and more often wanting art works, wanting inspiration.  I am offering a depth of wealth to the world and the world is embracing it.  I’m quietly going about my ways and the world is responding. I’m bring wealth and abundance to myself, to Jess, to Liz and most importantly to Graeme and Maddie.  Today I can be the best I can be.  Right now I can be the best I can be. I am an artist today with a beauty to offer, with a message to inspire people with.  I feel the courage to get moving coursing through my veins.  As I get up and start my day I feel a strengh of energy bringing poeple to me. It might not be today or tomorrow that I meet them, but meet them I will.  Buy my paintings they will.  I love the sparkle of excitment that I feel in my body at the thought of the success I am creating.  The house I am building, the boat I’m buying for graeme, the visits to LA with Maddie, the house in Queenstown, the dinner parties, the oportunities open to us through the success of my art works.  I am an artist today and I love it. I’m so greatful for the being able to do something I love. To be able to make a difference to the world and to have fun doing it.


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