Day 9

I am 42 and I’m thinking back over the last year.  I can’t believe how fast its gone.  We have the consent and design for our house all sorted, graeme has given his work notice and we are going to start building next summer.  My first year with Jess has been a source of abundance and a source of fun.  I don’t ever remember a year when I have laughed so much.  G has become more relaxed about what he is doing.  Jess and I have found a solid working relationship which has bought us both more wealth than we expected and more fun.  Our first exhibition togehter was a sell out show.  We stood in the gallery afterwards, after everone had left and just started giggling.  Look at what we created.  Look at all the red dots.  The show which was to be open for another 4 days had not a single painting left for sale.  We took a couple of commissions over the next few days, got a pile of media interest, there hadn’t been many sell out shows in Auckland over the last few years and established a lot of attention for ourselves.  It gave Graeme the confidence to stop working for three months, to get the plans for the house sorted, and for us to take the first step in having our house.  Noelene has been a trouper. She now comes three days a week and we pay her for child support.  I have maddie two days a week and work one day a week in the studio.  I also have been working a bit in the evening, but its fun rewarding work.  It doesn’t feel like work.  I’m present and relaxed and take each day as it comes.  Liz and I have moved speedrenting on to focus our attention on creating tools for baby boomers to manage their money.  A site where people who are retired can track their assets.  Can figure out the number for this things swapping their assests to their kids for a weekly income.  We want to offer people a way to be clearer about their choices, and to have less stress and worry about money in the later years of their life.  It is taking off.   We haven’t built the site yet, but our mums and our mums friends are testing our program and are loving it.  They are feeling happier and safer and far freer with their money.  We are doing a good thing.  She is doing a good thing.  This business already has a life of its own.  We have enquires coming in every day.  We cannot get the site up and running fast enough.  It gives people tools to have conversations with their kids, with their banks, with their financial advisors.  Its gives children of baby boomer parents tools to have conversations with their parents.   It gives people a way to manage and track their money.  It is a beautiful thing.  What with helping liz, painting, having the house built and Maddie my life is full and fun.  But its not hectic or stressful.  I’m happy with today.  All I can do in this moment is fine. I am not concerned about the future. I’m happy with today and what I can do now.  It am careful not to miss out on today.  And it is a fine day indeed.


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