Day 6

It is a fabulous privelidge to be wealthy.  To know that you can create any weatlh you like.  To know that anything you desire is open to you, that it is already yours, and is just a matter of reeling it in.  Just as all the wealthy people I have every met just knew they were going to be wealthy, it was going to happen, I have that knowing now myself.  Something has shifted in me.  Just like when I knew I was no longer resisting being single and that a great love was on its way, I let go, I relaxed, I didn’t worry.  I enjoyed the freedom of my singleness and enjoyed the anticipation of meeting him.  Its the same with wealth.  I have no resistance to my position now.  I have no care that I have sold no paintings for the last few months.  Its of no concern to me.  I know that riches are on their way.  I know people are coming to buy my paintings.  It gives me great energy to make contacts, to ask galleries to have my paintings, to hold exhibitions.  I was doing those things with fear of failure for such a long time.  That fear is gone.  The results are coming, I just feel it in my bones.  I’m focusing my energy, now, instead of one what I’m doing wrong and fretting about not having what I want, on the joys of what is heading my way.  My studio is cleaner, my house is more lovely. I see the beautiful carpet that will sit at the bottom of my bed. I’m planning the trips we will take as a family.  I’m interested in my success as a painter.  I’m planning the paintings I will make.  I’m preparing myself for the people who are coming to visit my studio, the ones who are buying my paintings.  I’m preparing myself for the influx of demand. I’m preparing myself for the attention that will recieve.   It is fun.  It feels good to know that today I have a whole day to make the most of. I will put everything I have into today.  I won’t get today back, its a gift for me to enjoy and enjoy it I will.  I will do things today as they should be done.  Today is a day for having my house look beautiful.  For doing my hair and makeup.  For preparing beautiful and delicious foods.  Today we are already wealthy.  I will am prepared today to be a wealthy person and if the actual money doesn’t arrive today, no matter.  No matter at all.  It will come in its own good time.  And when it does it will be recieved with gratitude and delight.  There will be no regret that it didn’t come earlier.  Today I will focus on how wonderful it is that others have wealth in the world. I will feel enjoyment and greatfulness that there is wealth that others are recieving, I see it as an indication of what is possible for me.  I forgive everyone today I have ever felt angry or resentful for because of the way they spent their money, or kept it from me.  I forgive everyone today who didn’t buy a painting when I thought they should.  I will forgive myself for ever feeling like I didn’t have what it takes to create any wealth that I desire.  I am in an ocean of energy.  I open my pores and let this energy flow it.  It is love, power, grace, wealth. I have abundance flowing though me.  It is good to be alive.


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