Day 2 Evening meditation

I close my eyes and I see my ideal body.  I feel its strenth and vitality.  I feel its easy and freedom of movement. I feel its muscles, tight and fit.  My body has strength.  It feels good. I desire to eat fresh foods full of life.  I like fruits and veges and food brimming with energy from the sun. My favourite is picked right then and there and eaten with the warmth of the sun still in it.  My body feel good. I trust it to let me know what it needs.  I trust it to send me the right messages for food and water.  This trust feels good.  My body is letting go of any excess fat.  It doesn’t need excess fat any more.  As I close my eyes and go to sleep tonight, my body will let go of anything it doesn’t need. It is letting go of stress.  It is slim and vital. My body is the shape I’ve always wanted it to be.  Long and lean, fit and trim.  I can wear anything I please.  I feel good in my jeans. I feel good in my heals. Light and trim and safe.  It is safe to be thin.  I walk past people who notice me, notice the good shape I’m in and I feel safe.  I get comments about losing weight and looking good and I feel safe.  My body is safe to let go of excess weight.  As I sleep tonight any excess fat I have will quickly disapear.  As I wake tomorrow I will be fitter and stronger and slimmer.  I wake feeling rested and relaxed and full of energy.  I no longer crave fatty and sweet foods.  I find them bland and lifeless.  They make me feel sluggish and tired.  My body now craves fresh and vital foods.  Foods with colour and richess.  These foods are easy for me to acess and find.  I find myself making easy food choices. I eat whatever I want whenever I want.  It is safe to eat as much as I want.  My body can be trusted.  I can be trusted. It is safe to eat whatever I desire.  I have as much as I need.  I always get as much as I need.  There is an abunance of food for me and I always get exactly what I need. I always eat the perfect ammont of the perfect foods for me.  My body is letting go of that which it does not need.  It is loved and cheriched.  It gets whatever it needs.  I am fit and vital. I can run.  I run the routeburn swiftly and quickly.  I spring into my exercise with ease and enthusiasm.  I enjoying running and feeling fit.  I run in the hills.  I push myself up the hills, running and feeling good. It is good to feel the blood course though my viens.  As I go to sleep tonight anything that is keeping me for letting go of excess fat, anything that is stopping me from being fit is leaving my body. I feel young and full of energy upon awaking.  I feel full of energy as I wake up and start  the new day.  My body feels good.  It is loved. I am safe.  My ideal body is mine upon awakening. As I sleep my ideal body develops itself.  My slim theighs, round small buttocks.  Slim, strong arms.  Long limbs.  When I close my eyes I see my ideal body. I feel my ideal body taking shape as I go to sleep.  I feel my ideal body upon awaking.  Upon awaking I make choices consistent with my body.  It is is easy and gentle and peaceful.  My ideal body is beautiful.  It feels good.  It feels safe.


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