Day 3

I am a grateful person.  Grateful for all the amazing people, experiences and things in my life.  I’m have turned a corner.  The cynisim I have felt in the past has dissapeared.  I handle setbacks with graciousness and ease.  I know now that nothing can stop me from being wealthy apart from my own sense of lack. And I don’t mean an esoteric sense of lack or a philosphosical debate about feeling wealthy with little, its more I know that riches are mine.  They are everyones.  It is a matter of understanding the work it takes to realise them.  Its about feeling them in the present.  I am already living in the house we are building.  I walk around the house on the site and I am in the house.  I am wearing the clothes that I desire.  And I am have a huge sense of gratititude for what I have now.  The view, the sun, the food I have in my fridge.  The creative urge is alive within, it is creating the desires I have in my mind.  And I am thrilled I have access to that creativitiy.  If there is anything I’d like to give the world it is to give each soul access to that creativity.  It difyies belife what we are as a race would be capable off if every soul got access to it.  There would be no povety.  There would only be wealth.  We would only have health.  We would only have the keen excitement of what is to come.  We would let go of where we have been.  We would dwell on the strenghts we have and the love we have and the energy available to us.  All that wanted beauty would have it.   I know the best way for me to do that is to practice it myself.  It to focus on my own creative energies.  Its to steadily move towards the desirese of my heart. It is to keep seeing myself in my house.  It is to keep seeing my art becoming more and more desireable.  I see people arriving at my studio and falling in love with my paintings.  They are touched by them.  They buy them.  They tell there friends.  I see my Day Club becoming a prestegious and well patroned excurision.  The women love it.  They always buy something.  I see my art becoming so popular that I build a new studio.  A bigger, lighter studio.  It attracts even more attention.  I have galleries want to represent me.  I have two sell out shows every year.  Jess is also becoming very wealthy because of my work.  Graeme dosn’t have to work any more, he chooses to build our houses and manage our properties.  We have an amazing life.  I have an amazing life.  Wealth is available to me now.  I am a rich person.  I am thankful for all the riches that are available to me now.


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