Sucess vizualisation for day one

I am swimming in a vast blue ocean.  Its warm and blue and supportive.  And vast, the ocean is as vast as anything I can imagine.  Its an ocean of abundance.  I’m swimming, fully supported, totally free to dive and swoop and swim.  Every drop of the ocean has as much wealth as there is in the world.  Each drop has all the love a human could ever feel.  Each drop is full to bursting with energy and power and light.  It is warm and I feel safe and protected.  As I swim I feel the pores of my body open and the abundace flows in.  Every cell in my body is full of abundance.  It feels right and comfortable and I know that while I recieve this wealth and love and energy, it is availalbe to all.  There is not a single person on earth that the ocean cannot accomodate.  It is vast and forever replenshish.  In fact the more people who swim, the fuller the ocen becomes.  The more it has to give.  I am free of worry.  I have everything I ever dreamed off.  I can begin to see the dreams I have as I swim in the ocean.  I see my house getting built.  The plans we have made.  The money coming in for the house to build.  I see poeple coming and buying my paintings.  I see them being bought from galleries, from Wellington, from queenstown from waiheke. I see people coming to my studio and buying the paintings off the walls.  I see exhibitions I have being sold out.  I see a major sponsor promoting my exhibitions.  I see the Day Club excurisions getting more and more word of mouth to the point where I am fully booked every week.  I see paintings being sold every time people come to my gallery.  I see my painting to meet the demand. I see paintings flowing out of me.  I see articles being writen in papers, magazines.  Attention on my art is gathering and gathering quickly.  I see myself flourishing in my studio.  I am loving it.  I feel happy and grateful.  As sales pick up we start to plan for the house.  Justin and lou produce the drawings, Graeme takes six months of work and begins to build.  My art in selling many months ahead for commissions.  It is a beauituful house. It is light and airy and warm and easy to be in.  Its comfy and relaxed. Serene and peaceful.  Kids toys are easily put away, yet kids feel easy to be in it. Its a hub of activity. Dinners, play dates, working.  And its a calm haven. Reading and contemplating the view.  Oh the view. How I love the view and how the house works in with it.  It fits.  It fits the landscape. It fits our family.  It fits everything.  I feel so proud of what we have achived.  I feel so thrilled and grateful and happy.  Those visions are with me as I float and dive and feel the power of the light, soft, wather surrond me. Filling me with all the light, energy and abunance of the world. Every cell is open to receiving now.  I know my dreams are on their way to me.  I feel them coming, one small step at a time. I feel them moving toward me, surly and steadily.  And as they move towards me I am open to them.  I am open to the riches of the world. I am a rich person, expecting, as rich people do, the riches of the world to flow to me.  And I give thanks.


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