Day 2 – morning meditation and vizualisation

I begin my day with a swim in the ocean of abandance.  Its warm, softness, safety envelops me, comforts me, fills with me with a sense of peace and excitment.  Excitment that all the resources I need are available to me. All the money, all the love, all the energy, all the people are all available to me to create the visions I have. The dreams I have.  The goals and desires I have come alive in the ocean.  As I swim I feel the light flow through me.  I feel every cell in my body opening up and recieving the light, the energy the power to create whatever it is they desire.  As each cell opens up, I sent it love and vitality. I allow it to want whatever it wants and let me know.  I have the ability to listen and provide.  What every cell wants will be given.  I will listen to my thirst, to my hunger, to my desire to stretch and move and rest as my body desires.  As each cell is swiming in the knowlege that all it needs is available, I think about my desires and know that from the energy of the ocean, the abundant loving ocean all that I need to have my desires met is available to me.  I see my self painting with easy and energy.  Paintings flow from me, flow through me onto the canvas.  Books pore out of me, touching peoples lives.   I see people drawn to my paintings, I win awards, the demand for them esculates, I become a destination on waiheke.  I feel rich with the energy of the world.  I know that this energy is available to all people.  The more I use, the more I fill my desires and wants the more there is for other poeple.  The more money I make, the more money others have.  I am expanding the world with my paintings.  They touch poeple.  They emrich their lives.  They gain in value. I am expanding the abandance of the universe.  I see the house I build. It expands the worlds where we build it. It brings beauty to not only us, but our street.  Our whole street benefits from our house. It makes it a more desireable place to live.   I see us travelling as a family.  Gaining in knowlege of other people.  We laugh and admire and expand our minds and our hearts.  We see things that fill our hearts with love.  We travel well.  We eat good food.  We meet good poeple.  We stay in beautiful, interesting places.  Sometimes they are exquistly ornate, sometimes they are quaint and full of ideas, sometimes they are bustling with people.  We are not fussy where we stay as long as the journey expands us.  Teaches as things we didn’t know, showes us sights we haven’t seen.  We do everything from skiing in europe staying in exclusive skiing lodegs, to treking the inka trail sleeping in bags with lots of other unwashed bodies.   Today is a good day.  I see myself brings pleasure to people I encounter today.  I imagine a couple coming into my studio and buying a painting.  I imagine people going into the galleries in Wellington, Queenstown and waiheke and buying paintings.  I see myself working in my studio and loving it.  Feeling calm and sure and rich with the abundance from my swim in the ocean.  It is a good day to be creating.


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