Day 1 Vizulasation and meditation

Today is a beautiful day.  I see it stretching out before me with fun and delightful anticipation.  I will arise from my mediation full of energy and spring into my breakfast and shower.  I’ll laugh with Maddie and have fun with her little noiseies and movements.  I can feel my body and I move about the house feeling trim and tight.  It is a good feeling.  I see myself enjoying eating vibrant healthy foods.  I desire fresh frutis and veges more than anything.  Other, processed foods have lot their appeal to me, they taste bland and unsatisfying.  Breads and crackers taste bland and cardboardy.  I much prefer fruit and fish and fresh delicious foods full of vitality and life.  I feel good about my choices.  I can feel every cell in my body feeling vibrant and cared for.  Any excess fat is falling off my body. I don’t need it any more. Its very safe for me to be thin.  Its safe and healthy and I am moving towards my natural weight.  My natual, fit healthy weight.  When I feel stress today I can see myself moving my body.  Going for a short run or swinging my arms around.  I don’t need to go to the kitchen cupboard anymore.  I’m free of thoughts about needing to be thin or needing to control my eating somehow.  I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and these days those things are full of nutrition.  They are live, vibrant choices.  My skin is glowing.  My hair is glowing.  My joints are free and easy.  My immune system is robust and alive and full of power.  It tells me exactly what it needs and I listen.  I understand when I need water, food, exercise.  I love my body. I love it in every way.  It gives me pleasure.  It feels great in clothes.  I feel safe in my body. I feel safe in my body.  When people complement me, I let go and feel protected by my guardian angle.  I feel safe.  Compliments are about them, not me.  I feel safe and free.  I eat whatever and whenever I want.  I run with lightness and swiftness.  I see myself finishing the routeburn in 4.30 minutes.  I’m fresh.  The running I do for training is fun and I feel strong and good.  The tracks on waiheke get easier and eaier.  I charge up with hills with power and lightheartedness.  I recover fast and well.  My body trusts it will be feed what it needs.  I feel safe in my body.  It tells me what it needs.  I love it.  I feel safe.  I feel free.  I feel alive with love in my body.  I drink what I want and I want lots of water.  I eat what I want and want fresh, vibrant foods.  I am satified when I eat.  I trust that I’ll always have enough.  I always have enough.  Breads and buscuits taste bland and tasteless to me.  They are bland and tasteless.  Fruits and veges are full of taste and satisfaction. They have the nutients my body is craving.  It is good to be in my body today. It is good and I’m happy to be me.


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