I have no idea what to write about this morning, so I’m just starting and seeing where it takes me.  Okay, lets start by going into the future, I’m 50.  I’ve just celebrated my 50th birthday, in Queenstown, with my extended family.  That includes Mum, Dad, partners of each, children of those partners and their kids, Jane, David, Justin and his family, Elinor and her partner, Noelene, Jo and her family and of course Graeme and Maddie.  It was a BIG, noisy crowd.  Being June it was cold, but beautiful.  We had games on the lawn, a big fire roaring inside, then a huge catered meal inside.  We had venison and duck with roast veges and salads.  We drank lots of red wine and danced into the wee hours of the night.  Even Mum and Dad, in their late 70’s were into the swing of things.  I felt so proud of everyone.  I kept stoping and feeling more grateful than ever for the amazing life I have.  The last ten years have gone from strength to strength.  My art practice took off again.  Sell out shows became the norm.  The Day Club became a coveted and well known excursion.  I had commissions booked out for six months.  I sell at least one 5k painting a week these days.  Graeme started his glass business on Waiheke and it went gang busters.  He is so good at it.  After two years he put in a manager and started building our house in Waiheke, and bought our plot of land in Queenstown.  He started building the house down there 2 years ago and we finished it just in time for my birthday – such a brilliant birthday present.  Maddie is going to go to high school in Queenstown.  She is very interested in her winter sports so has decided she would like to be near the mountains.  We spend about 2 months a year as a family in Waiheke over the summer, having beach time.  I spend about a month there by myself these days writing, painting.  I love that time to myself.  It makes me love my time with my family even more than ever.  I think they love when I go away too, because I come back refreshed, full of energy, excited to see them.  And Maddie and Graeme always have fun together.  They go on little adventures, tramping, skiing, moutainbiking.  They have a very strong bond those two, I just love it.


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