Next month

As the month of water comes to a close, the month of meditation, visualization draws near.  I’ve been making plans how this month will play out.  Here’s my thinking.  The best way for me to visualize and meditate is to do so by writing.  I’m going to do two writing sessions, one in the morning when I wake up – this will happen at 6.30 – as the best way to mediate, from what I can gather is to do so at the same time every day – and one in the evening, before I turn in.  The later won’t be at the same time every day, but that’s okay.  The morning one is going to be a vizualization about my health.  I will do a few minutes with my eyes closed getting present to my breath, imagining a white light glowing in my body. I will get present to the vibration and vitality of each cell in my body.  Then I’ll open my eyes, start up my computer and do 500 words vizulizeing health and vitality.  This will be very repetitive, pretty much the same every morning.  I’ll imagine each cell in my body briming with life force, communicating with me what it needs, which foods it desires, what activies it would like.  I will imagine each cell being satisfied and loved.  I will imagine myself being slim and fit and vital. I’m imagine myself running the routeburn, full of energy and finishing within 4 and a half hours.  I’ll imagine eating fresh vital foods and enjoying them. I’ll see myself sleeping well, eating well and being relaxed and revitalized.  I’ll imaging my immune system sparkling and robust.  I’ll see my skin fresh and full of life.  And I will allow my imagine to go for it.  Maybe I’ll see myself dressed in beautiful clothes.  I’ll feel good in them, slim in the them, happy and in love with life.  In the evening meditation, I’ll imagine myself wealthy with financial abunance.  I’ll see the house I’ve built with Graeme.  I’ll imagine the feeling of being inside it, enjoying the furnishing, the beauty of it.  I’ll see myself on the road to my house.  The sucessful exhibitions, the people arriving at my studio buying painting, making commissions for modern houses and big corporate collections. I’ll see the art prizes along the way.  I’ll imagine the paintings coming out of me, the flow and peace of painting.   I’ll imagine the build up and sucess of speedrenting. The mulitpling of events, the word of month spread. The bars contacting us.  The way it has become a social norm.  I will imagine Liz and I celebrating what we have achived.  I’ll bask in the happy feelings of contentment.  Of the freedom I have with money. Of the options that have become open to me. Of the fun I had along the way, of how I learned to be a wealthy person before the money arrive.  How I became greateful for what I already had. Pleased with progress.  How I learned to put nothing off. How I did everything I could to the best of my ability.  How I avoided any conversations about lack or poverty or impossibility.  How I became interested in little steps I could take rather than depressed about big chasms that seemed uncrossable. These are the things I will be writitng about every day, around the same time, for a month.


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