Water water everywhere and drinking every drop

That’s what happpens when you dedicate a month to drinking water, the advised amont of eight glasses a day everyday without fail.  Water appears everywhere in your life. Cafe’s, offices, friends houses, childrens play groups.  And having a glass is easy.  It has been a breeze getting my eight glasses.  Apart from the first couple of days when popping off to the toilet looked like it was going to be the dominating activity for a few weeks, its been remarkably effortless.  The toilet stops reduced as my body got used to the water.  The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the marking it off on the blackboard each day.  Every glass gets a dash and every day so far has eight dashes next to it.  Lovely to see my efforts in black and white.  Quite apart from less hunger, less fatigue, easier feeling joints, is the satisfaction of accomplishment.  An interesting thing has happened this month.  At the same time as getting dedicated to actions involving better health, I’ve got excited about actions involving better wealth.  Its like a flood of ideas and opportunities have presented themselves to me and I’m open to them in a way that I haven’t been before. I’ve been reading things and feeling a call to put them into action.  Its all well and good to want changes, but to be prepared to do what it takes is a whole other thing.  I’m been wanting more, well, lets face it, money.  I want to build my own house, I want to travel more, I want better designed shoes made of better quality materials, I want to go see my sister in LA, I want to ski and run the routeburn, I want to visit my step mother in Boston, I want a new rug on my bedroom floor a beautiful woolen one and lamps beside my bed that please me.  I want to eat more organic food.  All these things require more money, so I’ve become very interested in what I can do to achieve that.  And just like going on a diet doesn’t lead to lasting weight loss, I’ve began to see that budgeting and scrimping most certainly doesn’t lead to long term wealth.  Just like feeling bad about your body’s aches only leads to more aches and pains, stressing about a lack of money only leads to more lack.  So, next month, along with meditation and vizulization focused on a healthy, slim vital body, I will include a meditation about abunance of wealth. I will imagine myself in my house, being free to travel, enjoying my shoes and rug and skiing with friends.  I will get clear about the feeling of it all and allow the opportunities to create those things to present themselves.  I will get myself ready to take those opportunities.  Fun times.  I’m preparing myself for the reception of greatness.  Oh yes, what a lovely way to start my day.  It’s making me excited already about September.


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