50 and fabulous

Okay, so its a cliche.  50 and fabulous.  Probably made famous by Samantha off Sex and the City.  But its how I feel. Maybe because I grew up with those four NYC girls, giggling with them, feeling like they were writing episodes directly from my life experience.  I can still put on old episodes, so dated now, and find it cleaver.  Maddie thinks I’m so old fashioned when I do, but I love it.  These days i’m even more like them.  With my shoes and waldrobe, my trips abroad, my best selling book.  These are the things I love.  Waiheke Island is a far cry from Manhattern Island, but its still my island and I still feel like a city girl.  I love to visit NYC these days.  My book took off there before it did here.  Which is not surprising, I guess the states was always going to be more of a market for spiritual writing.  So I am going to visit with a new publishing house.  I’ll go and see rebecca taylor while I’m there.  I always shop at her boutique when I’m there.   I’m not one for favourites, but if pushed I’d have to go with her.  Maddie is coming with me this year – her first trip to the city.  We are staying is a very cool hotel down in SoHo.  Each room is dedicated to a fictional character.  We are staying in the Madeline room – dedicated to the Madeline books.  How cute is that.  We will go to the art galleries, central park, visit the statue of liberty, eat at interesting resturants and go shopping on in SoHo.  We love poking around in little places, checking out interesting designers, trying on shoes and having fun.   G of course is going on a fishing charter – he couldn’t be happier.   I am excited about meeting my publishers.  They want to do a series of ‘work-books’ that possibly have a online aspect.  People meet in groups and go through a years process – a bit like the course in miracles, but more contemporary, more practical and as a group rather than alone. I love the idea.  I love the ripples it could cause in society. People understanding their connection to everyone else. People getting clear about their ability to create.  Competition being seen more and more as an outmoded way of thinking, scarcity becoming a thing of the past. Grace, gratefulness and prosperity thriving where it didn’t thrive before.   They are talking about doing a series of talks with Echart Tolle, I just about fell off my chair. Of all people in the world who have impacted on me, he is the one.  I would love that.  When I add all those things up togeather, I cannot help believing that being 50 is fabulous.  I mean who could?


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