The flight plan

Graeme and I have long since had a flight plan.  We created the idea years ago when we wanted to have a map of the future.  We thought if we want to understand what we are creating together, lets agree first on a destination.  Then, lets figure out the flight plan.  It has been the best experience for us.   We like the analogy because with any flight plan it is a well known fact that planes only ever stick to the pre planned flight path by about 5%.  Wind currents, turbulance, weather in general cannot be planned for, so when a plane takes off the pilot knows that it has to make adjustments as it goes.  Any deviation from the initial plan is expected, taken easily, and always with the destination in mind.   We have had destinations where we’ve had flight plans so far from expected it was like stopping in singapore to refuel when the expected destination was LA.  But we refueled and set off again.  Sometimes we got to the likes of a singapore and realised what we were missed and totally forgot about LA.  That is the beauty of going with the flow.  We got very good at accepting the deviations.  These days we never rile against them.  We enjoy them.  We welcome them. The always bring us an unexpected joy.  It is a nice way to live.  Some would call it the art of non-resistance.  I like that term.  Non-resistance feel gentle and calm, like a reed bending in water.  A few years ago I began taking stock of what I was resisting and activly sort to be non resistance. To accept whatever it was.  The space that opened up in my mind was the most remarkable thing.  I could harbour thoughts for days, mulling, making up conversations, resisting what was happening with a vengence.  Accepting whatever it was relaxed me.  Allowed the thoughts to subside.  It opened up room to create something new.  It allowed me to experience things I was closed too.  The flight plan you see, has given me not only a fun way to talk about the destinations we want to arrive at, but to let go of being closed minded about how we get there.  To know that I don’t always know what’s best for me.  I can’t be expected to plan for every wind current, storm, air pocket, but I can react to what happens with presence and peacefulness and not for a minute think that my destination is out of reach.  It might just take an extra, unplanned leg of the journey to get there.


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