Be cause and effect

Most of my life I thought that the enivroment around me was the cause of how I felt inside myself.  Outside was the cause and inside was the effect.  I’ve come to learn the folly of my thinking.  The illusion of it.  The more I read, the more I experience, the more I understand, I know that the enviroment around me is the effect of my thought and feelings inside me.  There is no world around me that I can experience without my interpretation.  In other words my thoughts cause the environment to be the way it is for me. That, if you read emerson, descartes, spinoza, leibnitz, schopenhaur, hegel, or the bible, if you study budism, if you take a landmark course, you will be free to create whatever it is you desire in the world.  Simple yes. Easy, no way.  It takes practice. And LOTS of it. It take courage.  It take responsibility.  It takes consistent effort.  Like learning anything, there are frustrations.  There are bruises to deal with.  There is at first clumsinss and discomfort.  But that is the work of this world.  I don’t know many people who are willing to take it on and be the cause of the effect in their environment, but when I do, they are beautiful people.  They are healthy, fit, vital, wealthy, loving people.  They are creators not competitors. They understand that health, money, love, fitness are not in limited supply.  That every individual on earth can create all these things for themselves and have them in abundance. That doing so actually creates more for others rather than less.  This lesson came to me slowly over the years.  I first heard the concept when I was about 20.  And it took me other 20 years to know it to be true and its taken me another 10 years to begin to get a semblence of mastery.  These days my health is extraordinary.  I listen to my body. It tells me what it needs.  It can heal itself swiftly and fully.  I am slim and fit and vital.  I crave vital foods.  I spring out the door in exercise.  I have easily as much energy as my ten year old daughter.  We froklick in the sea.  We run in the mountains.  I feel the energy from the earth, water, sun mingling with my body.  I have more money than I need.  And it keeps coming in.  My paintings sell before I can paint them. I have commissions six months out.  My business with liz sold for millions.  I enjoy holding the desire for what I want and watching it come to life.  This has been one of the most exciting lessons, the hardest to learn but the best rewards.  Allowing the creation of my desires to materialize.  I am surrounded in love.  I spend my days taking care to practice causing from the inside to effects I want on the outside.  I cherish the mastery I have and know that it needs as much care and attention as Maddie or any living thing.  Nurture, love and light.  That is because I can.


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