Practical spirituality

Doing a year of the body got me thinking.  What about a year of spiritual practice.  Like really practical activities that forward our connection to spirit.  There as so many.  I’d tried lots, was interested in lots more, and thought, what about going on a spiritual journey that takes a year and sets out to engage in a series of practices, over a long enough period of time to see what differnce the make.  Do they enchance a connection or not?  Do they encourge a sense of spiritual fulfilment?  Do they bring me closer to answer some philosphical questions?  What essensially is my experience as the result of sustained spiritual practice. This idea got me started, as y0u will know if you’ve read my book, Practical spirituality; an ordinary persons journey, on one of the best years of my life.  And most certainly was the beginning of the most productive, enjoyable, connected, happy, abunant period of my life.  In common terms, I haven’t looked back.  I haven’t keep up with a lot of the practices.  Many of them were hard to sustain (abstinance for example, or ramadan and Lent) due to their direct contrast to my life.  Suffering, I found, while a spiritual practice in some circles, wasn’t necessary in my experience to forge a deeper connection to spirit. Sure its one way, but not the only way, and one of the least enjoyable – for obvious reasons.  And not really the most sustainable way either.  So I don’t suffer much these days.  The fact that suffering in my life did get me orginally to seek a spiritual connection, I’ve found the stronger my connection the less necessity I have for it.  Others I have maintained on an almost daily basis.  Meditition, visualisation, attention to pressence, communing with nature, counting my blessing, practicing forgiveness, being giving, following my heart and automatic writing. These things have become so important to me I cannot imagine like without them.  Like Graeme and Maddie they are the things I nurture and love and take care off, making sure there presence in my life is robust and profound.  I weed and water and give them plenty of sunlight.  I take stock, ask questions, set aside time.  In other words I work for them to be good and in return I get a deep sense of spiritual closeness.  This to me is what I was always seeking in my life.  It makes all the other things I turn my attention to, building houses, making paintings, laughing with friends, running in the moutains, swimming in the sea, having dinner parties, a fresh and easy way to live.


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