There is nothing as good a hydration for an overall feeling of freshness.  Already after three days I’m starting to feel fresher.  I’m going to the loo less, I’m looking foward to each glass.  I think the water is sitting in my stomach for less time.  Those, I take, as good signs.  The things I imagine drinking a month of 8 glasses will do for me are: sleeping better, more energy, better skin, better digestion.  Those are all sited at the positive side effects anyway.  Its too early to really know, yet, of course what is happening inside by I like to imagine, as I go the good that is happening.  I see though my skin and into each cell and imagine each and every one of the millions in my body feeling that much fuller, plumper, more easily doing the things cells do.  Respire, live, get about being part of my body.  i imagine the life force within me getting stronger and lighter and denser.  The water that is coming in is helping all of that.  There is nothing in the world more basic a need that water.  We will die without it faster than we will die without anything else.  Food of course being the next thing.  Then shelter, then love.  Yet we spend one hell of a lot more time worrying about those other things in our life than water.  We also don’t seem to pay too much attention to the quaility of our water.  Is it full of chorline, floride, iodine.  All of those things of course have good side effects, but they also have terrible side effects.  Ones that are easy for people to ignore.  They are cheap and have fast noticeable effects.  But while fluride is great for making the life of teeth longer and easily administered in water, it doesn’t do great things for the rest of our bodies.  Every cell have to deal with it as a chemical.  When we become over run with chemicals our bodies have to store more fat, when we have to store more fat our systems become slower, more sluggish.  Fine is floride was the only chemical we ingested, but now that we have thousands more than our bodies no what to do with they all play a part in general loss of vitality.  So I’m drinking rain water.  Clear, crisp, rain water.  Nothing added.  Each cell can swim in the purity of it.  They can repair themselves. They can relax.  They can calm down and feel the beautiful, fresh feeling of total hydration.


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