The first day of the month of water in the year of the body.  So far so good.  I’ve got a tally on the blackboard which I studiously mark up with each glass.  Graeme has handed me one glass, so I know he’s behind me.  His support, of course being one of the most important aspects of me completely my year.  I can see by the end of the year that not only will I have a freer, cleaner, better feeling body, I’ll have a deeper relationship with G.  That only is worth doing it for.  I guess it makes sense, thinking that less pains, more rest, more enjoyment is going to lead to better relations.  The only noticeable difference I feel in already is that I need to pee a lot more.  And that I used to think that I drank a lot more water than I thought I did.  I had it in my mind that 8 glasses a water a day would be childs play, becuase I already almost did that anyway, but I haven’t peed this much is such a long time, I’m sure I haven’t been doing my water studiuosly at all.


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