The house by the beach

About 10 years ago, around the time when I started my ‘year of the body’ G and I bought an old bach by the beach.  It was kind of madness.  It was about 4 hours drive from Alk, down a very windy, gravel road.  The house itself had very limited amenities.  A long drop, a water tank for water.  There were even places in the walls where you could see the outside.  But the instant we saw it, we fell in love with it.  It was on a very overgrown plot of land nestled behind I dune.  You can’t see the sea from the house, but you can hear it, smell it, feel it and that’s what mattered to us.  We paid about $50k for it and most people thought we had gone starkers.  But we loved it then and we love it even more now.  It all done up.  We dug in a septic tank, put in an outside bath, added a bedroom on top for our bedroom and its become a wee haven for us.  I love going there alone and with friends.  We often find that we’ll be there for a month and have half a dozen different visitors.  And because its so out of the way, poeple always stay for at least three or four days, and its not unheard of for people to stay a couple of weeks.  We’ve had poeple write books, recover from operations, honeymoon, make babies, mourn losses.  its a house for all of that.  We bought it just at the time when bying a batch had become out of fashion.  Renting someone elses had become much more popular.  But we wanted a project, an act of love to create together, a family history to make.  Looking back it has become all of that and more.  It all started the day I started drinking 8 glasses of water.  We were walking along Palm beach on the cold scruffy day that it was, and said, what do you think about buying a wee batch by the sea somewhere?  Really remote.  Love it, was G’s reply.  And so it was.  We went on a road trip a couple months later and within a year we had our wee darling.


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