A year of the body

So its like this.  I read an article about a woman who dedicated a year of her life to the pursuit of happiness.  Not is some esoteric between the ears kind of pursuit, but a practical, follow the advice about what-do-actually-do to encourage those happy feelings to dominate the emotions.  Having read widely she broke the reccendations into 12 areas and dedicated each one to a month.  Thinking, quite rightly I think, that a month was about right to see if something actually worked.  She had a month of sleep, a month of good eating, a month of fun.  You get the picture.  I was intrigued.  And having just turned 40 (a year or so ago) I’ve started investigating how to make the body feel as good as it can.  Staving off aches and pains, encourging immunity, dodging the spare tire, keeping the skin firm. And with everything one can do, I’m struggling to get it all into a day – or even a week, to really see which ones might make a difference.  And lets face it, without making a difference, I’m not really interested.  Hmmmm, I thought, I like this idea of planning it out into a year.  Making a true go of each ‘thing’.  Giving something a real shot and wieghing it up against other reccommendations.  But being a happy sort of person to start with, the pursuit of that wasn’t so much my concern.  Feeling better physically though – no that’s got me interested.  The things that spring to mind are: 1. water – drinking 8 glasses, chemical and bottle free every day, 2. meditation – twice a day for twenty minutes, 3. greens – eating a cup of fresh greens at two meals a day 4. exercise – spending twenty minutes every day with your heart rate over 100, six days a week. 5. yoga – stretching three times a week 6. hair, nails and face – doing each every day – having a manicure, pedicure, facial and hair style once a week 7. sex – make love at least 5 times a week 8. swimming in the sea – every day 9. adrenaline – doing something that scares you every day 10. clothes and shoes – clean out your waldrobe, buy a new outfit and be mindful of your outfit at all times, 11.  Skin – moisturise every day, have a massage every week, pluck, shave, laser, scrub, 12. Sleep – get 8 hours every night.  Oh I like the sound of all of it.  It will take something for sure.  I start on Sunday the 1st of August with Water.  Its a easy one I think to start with.  We will see.  August 1 to July 31. Its an odd year, for a not so odd pursuit.  Nothing like the present to start making the body feel good.  Thanks whoever did the year of happiness. I’m inspired and motivated.


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