The Auckland Emerging art show

Back in 2010 when I was thinking about being part of the emerging art show I dilly dallied about being in the show.  I didn’t know if it was right for me.  I wasn’t as good at following my instinct as I am now.  But I ended up doing the art show and it was a tremendous success.  I sold everything I took with me, which actually wasn’t alot.  I’d just had a show in Wellington that had been a sell out success, so my stocks were limited.  I had about half a dozen peices which I sold on the first day.  It was pretty cool being there on the second day with blank walls telling people that I’d sold everything so I had nothing to display.  It got people looking at my catalog, ordering commissions, visiting my studio.  I think that was the best thing.  It got my studio Gallery on waiheke into peoples minds as a destination.  I only every did the show once.  After that demand for my paintings started to take off and I didn’t really have enough work for those kinds of exhibitions.  I had my solo vineyard show.  I had the Waiheke Art Festival weekend.  I had my group show with Jane and Anne and that was about as much as I needed, particularly while Maddie was still at home.  When she was three she went into day care three days a week.  Nana Noelene looked after her two days a week, and G and I spent time with her in the weekend.  Oh how precisous those weekends became.  I loved that I could do everything I needed to and still be very close to her.  We would walk to daycare in the morning and I’d pick her up in the afternoon.  She was as energtic as a wee girl as she is now.  I have said for years, she was born energetic.  Maddie and G came a visited me that weekend at Greenlane.  I loved that.  I loved seeing them coming down the rows of other artists.  Maddie grinning widely when she saw me.  it was beautiful to behold.  They didn’t stay for long.  An art show isn’t a place for a 10 month old baby girl whose sole aim in life is to explore her surroundings, but the few minutes they stayed boyed me up.  Reminded me what I was being an artist for.  Those were great times ten years ago.  I was learning to love whatever was happening.  I was getting my feet at letting go.  Of believing in my desires.  Of being present to my life without forgoing a point of view about the future.  The Auckland emerging art show was a part of that.  Let me always remember it.


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