Lots of people buying my paintings.   They come, get excited, spend some time discussing the art with me.  Often they will hone in on a particular painting but its always the first one that takes their attention that they buy.  The come into my studio, small respectful steps.  I put the lights on.  We talk.  I find out what they like, what they are looking for.  We discuss art in general and my art in particular.  Then they tell me they want my painting.  Usually one. But not unusally two or three.  We talk about payment methods.  Bank transfer is the easiest for everyone. Occassionaly I have a cheque or cash given to me that I take to the bank.  I like the process of going to the bank and putting the money in.  I like to see it in my account, raise and invoice and acredit it to a sale.  It a process of assurance.  I always stick a red dot on the detail card next to a sold painting.  Its a great feeling going into my studio and seeing a whole bunch of red dots.  My book of sold paintings is bursting at the seems.  I imainge more and more of those books in my studio.  All full of photographs with red dots beside them. They fill the pages.  After each sale I get the photo developed, stick in on the page with the painting details and add it to the pile.  I love those month were I have several photographs to get developed.   Sometimes I’ll have as many as 8, but usually its only four.  Four paintings worth 5 thousand dollars is a typical month.  I add around 50 pages a year of red dot sales, all about 5 thousand dollars.  Those are good numbers.  Fun numbers.  Mortgage paying numbers.  Those red dots have come to symbolize where I have got to with my art.  But back to the people who buy them.  Generally they are older folks, or over 30 anyways.   They are people with money.  People who own their own houses.  People who collect art.   Often times they will buy more than once piece over the years.  They are stylish people with good cars and clean well pressed clothes.  They are well spoken, opinionated people.  They are more often than not family people.  I like to imagine my paintings in their houses.  And love it when I get to see their houses. They are modern, well designed, cared for places.  Tidy, fresh places.  Their interiors devoid of stale furniture or tatty books.  Energy gets moved in these places.  They are full of ideas and imagination. I love that.  I love that my art goes to live in such salubrious environments.


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