a word about now

Living in the now.  its been written a lot about by the famous Eckhart Tolle, offered as a distinction by Landmark education, reverred in spiritual learnings for centurys.  Its probably one of the most powerful rules of nature that one can live by, and is finally, thankfully, starting to take hold in generally mainstream society.  ten years ago when the world was experiencing a global recession, the news was all bad.  TV networks looked solely on the negativity of it. People loosing millions, jobs, homes.  Stress was rampent.  Most of the alternative theories badmouthed what had been created by the ‘wealthy’ the ‘powerful’ and the ‘state’.  Oh, how miss lead we were.  The resistance to all those things just lead to more of them.  Slowly it changed.  People started getting sick of the doom and gloom, the blame game, the general stress that that caused in them.  They wanted the good stories.  Acts of courage.  Deeds caused by love.  Businesses taking responibility.  Suddenly the tide turned.  We the world stopped focusing on the bad and the good began to swell.  The global finacial crisis was termed the global finanical correction and then the global financial revolution.  It was celebrated.  It was an exciting time to be alive.  People helped each other.  Competition became fun again.  Like a sports team realising they all do better when they help each other.  A champion team is better than a team of champions, the saying goes.  So we stopped fearing the future.  We stopped dwelling on the mistakes of the past.  And we took to the present with a fierse determination.  A determination to have a competitive spirit without loosing site of the greater good.  We had people in front, sure.  People with more than others, definately.  We had people suffer terrible tradegdys.  But no victims.  Nobody blamed anyone else.  We all took responibility.  We all embraced each others points of view without diluting our own.  It was a heady time, this revolution.  It started in families.  It started with those we love respecting and valuing each others differences.  Jails became empty places.  There is no need for Jails when their are no victims.  When crime has no resistance, there is no need to committe it.  With all revolutions comes upheavel.  Comes doubters.  Comes letting go of the past.  It was exciting times to be alive.  Exciting times to be bringing up a child.  The spiritual masters of the world, would be thrilled I imagine.


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