the house at church bay

The house at church bay was the first time G and I took a huge risk, stepped out on a limb and did a house project.  And what a project it was!  I’m not sure we have done anything as risky since, but it was worth it. Totally worth it.  We borrowed a couple of million from the bank, which at the time seemed like an enormous amount of money. Well, it was a huge ammont of money.  We borrowed it, not after having to present the most detailed business plan to the bank.  That was cause for celebration in itself.  We got the money, bought the peice of land between mudbrick and cable bay vinyards and spent a year building a house. Assembly designed it, G built it and I lead the cheerleading team from the sidelines.  I still feel proud of that house.  I still drive by from time to time and reminise about that year.  Its almost ten years ago we did that.  We did so well on the place.   G worked on it for a year, we borrowed a couple of million and we made a very tidy profit at the end.  The thing we did that I think worked was we built a smallish (for the land) house that was of impecible design and very highly speced.  The space was used cleaverly, there were no empty, useless spaces.  Yet it had high ceilings, and felt roomy.  It had ensuites off every bedroom, and walk in waldrobes, and views for miles.  That house attracted a lot of media attention at the time because as speculators we had paid so much attention to detail.   It was ballsy.  The kind of house someone would commission from an architect, but not have the guts to build because they didn’t have the imagination, but once built it was exactly right for the site.  So we got a lot of international interest.  And it sold in a bidding war that was unprecedented in NZ.  That was heady times.  We went out the night it sold, Me, G, Maddie, Just, Lou, the twins and Sabina and we all keep chinking our glasses, even the kids and saying, here’s to being bold!  Sometimes I wish we had had the money to live their ourselves at the time.  But I love our house on Hauraki Road and in Queenstown and I love that those memories of church bay are there.  I like to lie in bed at night and remember the conversations, the times when we didn’t know it it was going to work, the working til all hours of the night, the agonising over decisions, the fallbacks, the pit holes, the delights, the laughs, the butterfies in the stomach, the whole thing really.  It brings a smile to my face.  It makes me feel like I’m making good use of the life I’ve been given.


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