Genie in a box

I came up with this idea in Melbourne back in 2010.  And look where it is today.  Genie in a box has come a long way from the four lines we started with.  Now we have a whole range of supermarket easy kids gear.  Bibs, stockings, smocks, hats, cloths, socks, undies.  Jay and Paul already had the little genie wipes when I went into business with them and we creating the box range.  I love that mums now, all over the world can get really nice basic kids stuff for supermarket prices.  Its nice stuff to.  All made from Bamboo to fit it with their wipes and other bits and pieces.  They have done so well oout of it. I love that.  I love that an Idea I had has made others a fortune as well as myself.  I think Genie in a Box was responsible for our queenstown house.  And if not the house, it sure made building the Waiheke one easier.  A nice little cash flow started coming from that one pretty early on.  we have a weekend away every year, me, G, Jay and Paul with the kids to celebrate the Genie in a Box sucess.  When the kids were still little we went to Fiji, went snorkling, lay on the beach, took the kids swimming.  We always had fun.  G would always go fishing for the day.  Jay and I would go shopping. I’m not much of a shopper, but I do enjoy it with Jay.  More actually for the fun she gets out of it, but that is beside the point.  These days we often go skiing or tramping, or moutnain biking. Somethiong a bit more active so the kids can participate too.  Jay and Paul are about as good a business partners as one could imagine.  I’m so lucky. I have Jay and Paul and Liz.  Both very different businesses, but equally important to me in different ways.  I have much more to do with Speedrenting and I feel we changed the world in a way, but Genie in a Box was my idea in the first place so I feel very proud of that one.  I’ve learnt over the years to follow my intuition about my ideas.  To trust in the excitement.  To tell people about them and to let the idea have a life.  It it means that the idea flys away from me, that can be fine, becuase more often than not, when its best for the idea itself, it stays with me.  It expands, it morphs, sure when others are invovled, but it has a life and that needs to be repected.  That happened with Genie in a Box, I gave it away and it came back.  i love that.


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