A month in Wellington

My month in Wellington each year is one of the highlights.  For five years it was Maddie and I.  We would drive down, spend a month either with friends or renting a house.  We’d hang out with Miggles, the cousins and friends.  We’d have yum char on Sunday mornings, go to movies, walk up Makara Peak and generally enjoy the wind, the cold, grey sea, the great people and the time away from home.  G would always come down at the end and drive home with us.  When Maddie was really small the drive was limited to what she could do.  As she got a bit older that was a weekend of exploring.  We’d always pick a place on the map we handn’t been and go there on our way home.  A beach usually.  We’d check into a motel and eat locally.  Maddie started a blog about all the funny places we stayed and ate along the way.  I love looking back though those entries and reliving those holidays.  That month in Wellington, while always a big work time for me.  Painting at the studio, having an exhibition, meeting clients, talking to reporters, it has always been a time of creativity.  I’ve always felt that Wellington has inspired me. Perhpas its cos I grew up there.  Don’t know, don’t really care.  What I do care about it is that when I’m there I can paint.  And the paintings that come through me are devine. They have become prettier and lighter and more relaxed over the years.  Maybe a bit softer too.  When I started writing stories about each painting and putting them up with them I become more enchanted with the process.  I’d make a painting then sit and write about it for ten or fifteen minutes and the result was pleasing to me.  That started in Wellington years ago and has continued on to this day.  I’ve noticed that clients stared asking for the little descriptions to be framed and hung next to the paintings.   I like that when they do that.  One is not complete without the other sometimes.  Its a good for one media to intersect with another.  I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was when I started hanging the little stories with each artwork that I started having sell out shows.  The people started talking about the them, telling their friends and so on.  The media took interest and it sort of got a life of its own.  I was happy enough, writing, painting, enjoying the city of my family.  Those are lovely days to look back on.  They give me much happiness to go on now, as I prepare for my next Wellington trip.  The tenth.  And most assuredly, not the last.


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