I close my eyes

I close my eyes and see the world of possibilities stretch out in front of me.  I’ve achieved so much of what I’ve imagined in the last ten years, what will I achieve in the next ten.  I have two houses I love.  A relastionship that gets stronger and stronger.  A daughter who is growing into a strong, independant young woman.  An art practice that I can loose myself in.  A writing career that brings challenge, creativitiy, joy to me every single day.  So what now?  Well, for starters, more of the same.  I have so far to go with both my painting and writing.  I have had a glimpse of how paintings can flow from me and writing can come through me.  The next ten years I want to be about developing that experience.  Allowing more flow.  Allowing more creativity to use me.  Being less in the way.  I would like to have a show in Italy and write a book in Paris.  I would like to do an adventure on par with riding across china.  I was so adventurous as a young woman, now as an older woman I want to ignite that in me again.  Something that is daring, a bit dangerous, phyically demanding and at the end spiritually rewarding.  I’d like to walk across a contenant, or sail across an ocean, or something along those lines.  I want to do it with Graeme.  Maddie can join us for parts perhaps, if it is her thing.   I want to build a family holiday house.  It is to be owned by our lager family.  Me, G, Maddie, Justin and his fam, Jane and Her, Mum and hers, Dad and His, Ellie and hers and all the extended cousins etc.  Its to be on a beach, have a boat to fishing, a table for 18 people, beds for as many, books, games, a big fire. Its to be as enticing in winter as it is in summer.  I can see this house being used very weekend, if not by us then by friends of the family.  This will be my mission in the next few years.  To build our family house and to have an adventure.  And as I move along the time that allows these things to take place I will imagine new and interesting things to do. Perhaps i will become involved in another business.  Although I’m not sure that is what I want in the second half of my life.  I loved that part.  The last ten years of Speedrenting have been a blessed time that I’d never change for anything, but that time has passed.  I’ve loved it.  Writing and painting however, they will be with me until the day I die.


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