A day in my life

A typical day, of my life. At 50. I wake up around 7ish.  Sometimes a little earlier or later, but around that time I stretch out, give G a kiss and snuggle into the warm soft bed for a few minutes before getting up.  I love to luxuriate in my smooth linen sheets for those first moments of the day before meeting the world head on.  I keep my eyes closed for a moment and imagine who my day will go.  I picture myself having the kinds of experiences I want to have that day.  I see myself doing the things I want to do.  Its one of my favourite times of day.  Once up, I shower and dress.  I pick up any clothes that have made their way to the floor, chuck any laundry in the basket and head to the kitchen.  My kitchen that reminds me how cleaver Justin and Lou are every time I walk in.  Its fresh and light, open, relaxed, spacious, warm, gentel and communial.  It feels happy and easy if you are in it yourself or with 10 others.  I look out at my view and sliently thank the world for being a beautiful place.  The sea, stretching out in front of me hasn’t changed in the ten years.  The shore line is always shifting and morphing as new houses are built, old ones are painted, new boats arrive, sand builds and shrinks, vegtation grows and dies, but the ever moving ocean itself remains always as it was.  I notice it, thank it and get onto my breakfast.  Still the same breakfast.  A blueberry smoothy.  These days I have freshly picked organic blueberrys when I can.   Its cold and smooth and feels instantly satisfying.  G gets up and makes me a coffee, its always been his baby, the coffee making.  Maddie joins us, and has a smoothy too.  When I’ve finished our breakfast, I write for 15 or 20 mintues, then I walk Maddie to school.  Everyday we walk.  Sun, rain, shine.  She grumbles if its raining, that other kids get driven.  I tell her to organise someone to pick her up, but she never does.  Once I’m back I spend the morning either painting or writing.  Usually about 3 hours.  I often have lunch either at the house or out with friends or clients.  I’m always back home by 3.30 so I’m home when Maddie arrives home from School.  She is well old enough to walk home by herself these days.  We sometimes go for a run or a swim and then I help her with her homework if she has any.  G gets home around 5 and he spends the next couple of hours with Maddie.  Those two love to fish off the rocks or watch movies in the den.  They are like a couple of giggling ghurties.   I usually call Jane in the evenings.  We used to talk once a week, but now that she has a little more time we speak almost every night.  I like to talk to her when I’m cooking dinner.  We always eat a family meal together in the evening and almost always have people with us.  Friends of Maddies, cousines, friends, clients.  Its an open door at our house.  The evenings I spend either writing or painting or hanging with G.   I’m usually in bed by 10.30 reading.  Not everyday is like this of course, but by and large this is my routine.  I wouldn’t change a thing.


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