Physical bodies

The other pleasing side effect of the ocean, that I swim in on a daily basis, is the health and vitality that my body has recieved.  As I swim in the soft, soothing, stress free ocean, opening up my pores to the abunance that it offers up and letting my cells fill with love, wealth, health, energy, freindship, or whatever else the want, I imagine the strength and power recieved by my body at large.  Here I am, 50, and full of life. I’ve never been healthier.  I haven’t had a cold for years. Years and years even.  Back at the turn of the century I went through a phase of colds every three or four months.  And if it wasn’t a cold I was injured.  There was something physically ailing me almost all the time.  I haven’t experienced that for such a long time.  Now, I run the routeburn every year, always under 5 hours.  It’s hard yes, but I recover quickly, have very few aches and pains and generally feel good for it.  My joints are strong, my muscles wiry, my lungs bouyant and my back sturdy.  I’ve become one of those people who just get fitter and fitter with age. It feels like I’m going to be able to be active until the day I die.  The kinds of foods I desire has changed over the years.  I crave vibrant, fresh foods.  I like to eat fruit straight from the tree.  My picking garden is all organic.  My favourite way to cook is to pick fresh veges and herbs right out of the ground and use them then and there.  Graeme goes fishing at least three or four times and week, so our diet is rich in fish; snapper, flounder, gurnad, red cod are all staples on our plate.  I still eat chocolate and puddings and biscuits and cream and butter and all those fabulous foods.  But I don’t wish for them like I used to.  They are more of a delicious after thought that are real desire.  I also have gained motivation to run and ride and get out and do physical activity. I’m much more peaceful about it these days. I don’t have training plans.  I never push myself.  I do what I want to do and that, strangly is almost everyday.  I love to run with Maddie after school.  We run around the hills in Queenstown. Sometimes we will head up the lake and run up the Routeburn.  Or if we are in Waiheke, we will run around the coast.  Then we will go down to Palm beach and have a dip in the sea.  She has taught me how to appricate the cold sea after a hard run.  Its always a quick dip, but we charge in, shouting at the top of our lungs, then charge back out whooping and laughing.  We bundle ourselves into the car and head home for a good hot shower.  Love those days with her. Such a treat.


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