Liz and I began to get a group of mentors, or advisors really, around us in the early 10’s for speedrenting.  Once speedrenting had sold, we had formed such a strong bond with each other, we realised that haveing a group of adviors was necessary in business, always.  Now that we are onto our second business, we still have that same group.  We know each others strenghs and weakness, are totally straight with each other and deal with the highest level of integrity that I’ve every known.  I read an article in queenstown when we were down there doing the routeburn about Geoff Ross, who had created the 42 below brand and we immediately asked him to be an advisor for us.  We knew right from the start that he would be inundated with requestes, so we would need to stand ourselves apart.  Liz simply rang and said, what would it take for you to be an advisor to us.  We have a new invention that is going in global in bars around the world and we want you on our board.  What do we need to do to make that happen?  He gave us a list of requirements, we went away and a week later gave them all to him.  We had to haggle a bit with him, but in the end he came around.  We went to see him in his herne bay house and over coffee hatched a plan.  Afterward Liz and I sat in her car and whooped with delight.  Wow.  We just knew at that point that SPeedrenting was going to be a global success.  He pin pointed a couple of issues right there that we knew we needed to work on, but it wasn’t that stuff.  It was the how or we were going to do it, it was just that all of a sudden it was a given.  It was like the moment you know you are going to loose weight.  You might have known for years ‘who’ too.  But there is a point at which it switches in  your mind and you know its a given.  That was the moemnt for us.  Sitting in Lizzie’s little red alpha.  Maddie at home with Noelene, Grameme on the building site and there we were, the wold changed.  From then, the work got fast and furious.  We got very clear about what it would take.  More time that he had imagined.  More energy than we had anticipated, but it folded out in front of us and we set about it.  I look back on that time with a fondness in my heart for the young woman I was then.  I have empathy for her now.  She was a courner cutter back then.  A bit dilusioned by her positivity.  These days when I take on a project I tend to see what I will need to do to make it happen. I’m still very positive about how things can work out.  I still always look at what is possible, but back then I needed to learn to be a bit more mindful of what was actually happening around me and prepare for it.  I love that I’m moved on from there.


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