Being a business woman

I know.  Being an artist and a business person is not always thought of in the same person.  I went through a phase of thinking maybe I didnt believe it myself. That maybe why my art suffered back, all those years ago was because their was an integrity clash of creating paintings for the love of the art and being a business person interested in sales, marketing, employment, growing a brand. The machanics of how and why a business worked was, and still is facinating to me.  Over the years I have learnt that to pretend a part of yourself is not true, or doesn’t exist has way less integrity that thinking you have to fit into a box labled what-most-people-are.  Or the other box called this-is-the-way-its-usually-done.  I had to forgo all those social norms, stay ture to myself and plow ahead like I knew and believed in myself.  Sometimes, I’ll admit I had to play the game of acting like I believe in myself, but the reality would always catch up with the game. So I played it more often.  Now when I sit down at my beautiful desk overlooking the hauraki gulf islands, working on my mac computer sitting in my eames chair I love doing the business side of my work.  I love the particuarly type of creativity that business requires.  The steadfast reminder that there is no right way, that there is always something you can improve on.  And I love sitting there knowing that later on in the day I will get to be in my studio and paint.  I get to engage in two types of totally different creativity, that use two parts of the brain and build on both.  That is a blessing.  And these days I feel very comfortable with both.  In fact I have seen how both has totally instucted each other in the way they unfold.  Not many people can see how my love of business has helped me be an artist over and above the becomeing successful in my fame and fortune as an artist, but really that had had very little to do with it.  Becuase, truth is, its other people that made that happen. no.  What really was at the heart of my business skills impacting on my paintings was the business lesson and prinicple that integrity always wins over.  Just like a painting comes from within and you have to allow it to be painted, so to is that true in business. Sure I’ve leart techniques and skills in business, but it was learning that the buseinss was inside us and all we had to do was allow it to unfold and stay true to ourselves while we were doing it, tursting the process, trusting our instincts, being honest, working hard.  All those lessons come from my business world.  And look what I’ve created.  The global phenomenon, Speedrenting.  The three boards I’m on at the moment.  And not to mention all those little start up companies that I was involved in all those years ago.


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