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Im’ thinking about my Wright, Blackmore, Jean show today.  Its our tenth annual annisery this year.  the paintings i’m doing for it this year are like none other that I’ve done to date.  Sure, you can see some of my signiture style in them.  The chotic versus the deliberate.  The spiritual versus the considered.  Geometric versus organic.  But that is where the similarty stops.  For the first time I am doing a show of 15 canvases all exactly the same size.  1200x1200mm.  15 large squares.  The colours this year are different.  They will follow the pace of the seasons. So that if you start at one end, you will feel yourself move from Spring to summer to autum to winter and then back to spring.  But not traditional colours of those seasons, more the light of those seasons.  The summer ones, the light falls heavily and from directly above.  The winter ones fall less directly and much more gentelly.  A cooler less glary light.  The spring ones fell romantic and free.  The autumn has a sense of winding down.  Easing back, slowing up.  Those paintings didn’t take long to come out of me.  The thinking about them, the watching the seasons, the painting practices took a year at least, but the actual 15 for the show just flowed from my hands without too much thought.  I love that.  The energy just working through me without having to get my brain involved.  That is what I call a spiritual experience.  The show this year is in Auckland, in the new gallery up by the old museum.  It is a near perfect space for three artists to show in.  Light, warm and remarkably quiet for a blank walled, shinny floored space.  I don’t know how they have done it.  But unlike many gallery spaces, you walk in and feel safe.  Almost like a angle has wrapped its wings around you and you’ll be cared for, every second you are in the room.  There are no awkward moments in that gallery.  No ego’s come in.  Noone who pretends they have the upper hand of the art world.  Its all appreciation of the works.  Its all about everyone working towards the same end; a better world for all who inhibit it – without thinking that anyone has a better opionion about that that anyone else.  When I found out the show was going to be there I opened a bottle of wine and had a celebatory drink.  Not only will get to enjoy seeing people enjoy my work, I’ll get to enjoy seeing poeple enjoy being in that building.  That could well have contributed to the way the paintings allowed themselves to be painted.  They knew they would have such a wonderful start to their lives, and they knew that the poeple seeing them would do so from a point of absoulte trust in the world.  That show sold out the opening night.  I’ll never get sick of that feeling.  What a privilege to be part of.


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