My studio.

My Waiheke studio is one of my favourite places in the world.  After we sold Hauraki Road and bought the land by Mudbrick, one of my first instructions to Justin when designing our house there was I wanted a Studio designed to compliment my work. One that I’d walk into and feel creativity pulling at my fingers.  One I’d walk into and know paintings were sitting there waiting to be painted.  It needed to be light and warm and airy and quite and energetic.  All of which equally important.  Oh, and did I mention large.  So here I am now sitting in my award winning studio, where I’ve painted a couple a award winning paintings looking back on the process that got me here, and a sense of satisfaction courses through my viens.  Once we had bought the land we took our time getting the house built.  We wanted to make sure that the design we built had everything we wanted.  Firstly Just and Lou came up to the site and we took three days eating picnics there, camping there, walking around it.  We even hired a helicopter and flew over it.  We drove around every road to look at all the angles.  On the last day the whole family came for a picnic lunch.  Those three days were one of the best times we spent there.  We talked about all we wanted from the site and I in my mind took a whole lot of thought about where I wanted my studio, and what I wanted it to be.  Graeme of course built the house with another builder. It took almost a year.  But we lived onsite in a caravan for about 8 months of that.  And I moved into the studio after about 4 motnhs.  It was one of the first rooms completed.   We put a sign up on the road, put my gallery/studio sign up on the door and almost immediateately we got loads of poeple into the gallery.  It soon became clear that having other artists take residencies there was going to be a great way to keep the space fresh contribute to the art community and forward the Waiheke brand of being an art destination.  We’ve had a lot of fun over the years with the resdients.  I think if I never saw this studio again, I’ll always be able to remember the smell of the paint and the grass mixing on the warm wind.  The light filtering through the high windows, bouncing around the tall walls.  The sound of my feet against the wooden floors.  Those memories will stay with me til the day i die.  Luckily, I’ll never have to rely on my memories. There really is no reason we should ever leave here.  Other than for time in Queenstown and our annual holidays.  My studio has become part of me, that is all I’m saying.  And its a part that I love.  I’m grateful to all that allowed it to be part of my life.


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