Cleaners. Love them.

Oh yes.  Cleaners. At 50 I guess I can guarantee that I’m never going to be a very clean person.  Not that I like dirt, but I’m just not someone who notices it as much as others.  I’d much rather have a tidy house than a clean one.  Clutter just about does my head in, buy I can walk past a grubby window for weeks.  And I know I’ve got a way bigger tollerance for clutter than some. Janey for example.  When I was in my 40’s being a better cleaner was something I toyed with the idea of becoming.  And then, hell, as my friend oliver brown said to me once. I”m perfectly happy paying someone to do things I love doing, why should I blink at paying someone to do stuff I hate.  Never a wiser word has been spoken. So now, I have a cleaner to do everything accept the washing. Which to this day I still love doing. Sometimes I get someone to do the ironing, cos I love the feeling of ironed sheets but I often do that myself too.  I find it peaceful and satifying. Cleaning the bathroom on the other hand has never been a source of pleasure.  We have the best cleaner in the world.  In fact I have two best cleaners in the world.  I have one in Waiheke and one in Queenstown and in both places, Myself and 4 other households employ her full time.  So she doesn’t have to go out and look for work.  She is fabulous. We give them holdiay pay and sick days etc.  She comes to each of our houses one day a week and does all sorts of things.  Mowes grass when need be.  Takes out trash. Windows.  Cleanes fridges, never lets towels go stale or shelves crumby.  My shoes are always lined up.  She notices when cushions get scruffy and goes to the supermarket when thing are getting low.  Hiring my cleaners was one of the turning points in my career. I knew that I had the ability to make a difference in the world – hiring other people etc.


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