A brush with fate

the world is conspiring to shower you with blessings. This has been my motto for years and years and it has also been my experience.  This solid, steadfast plod toward that which makes me tingle inside is what many journalists have written about for years.  My favourite article was the one in vanity fair.  Could not believe my ears when I got a call from them to say they were doing an article about me.  The angle was the way that I had, at a time of recession all those years ago got so many people to believe in the boom that was going on around me.  How my art started a small revolution that ended in a strong movement of artists.  It was another revolution caused by creative minds that will be discussed in history for years to come.  So there was vanity fair on the line and I was going to be photographed by annie Leiowiz herself.  Just about fell of my chair.  My idol.  Was going to take my photograph.  How cool was that.  So I flew to NY.  Stayed in a very cool little hotel in Soho – just down the road from Max Gimbletts house and they took my picture outside the museum of modern art, where they had just installed one of my paintings.  That was pretty cool.  Maddie came with me to NYC and we had a blast in the city after the work part of it was done.  We ate hotdogs in central park, spent hours at all the museums and art galleries, when to the movies, took the ferry out to see the big green statue of liberty, walked around central park, giggled at how bad the trump tower was and how hideous that kind of architure was, ate sushi at a tiny downstairs sushi bar on the east side, had lunch at the waldolf astoria to see if we could spot any celebs, took a million photos generally revelled in the city!  Oh, and of course we bought shoes.  Well, at least I did.  G went on a fishing trip at home, cities not being his thing.  It was fabulous to be just the girls.  Liz came and joined us for the last 3 days.  And when the article came out I had a small dinner in Queenstown with G and Maddie and a couple of friends who spent the night giggling at how there down to earth mate could end up in Vanity fair and the next day we all went mountain biking.  One of the best things about the article was that the next year my fundraising show in Melbourne made twice as much as it had in the past. I love that.  People started digging deeper to make a difference elsewhere.  That is the kind of thing that makes me look back on my life and feel satisfied at how I’ve lived.


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