More on abunance

The abunance vizualization has been one of my favourite ways to get into the space of goodness in the world being availible to not just me but everyone around me, in fact everyone in the world.  Yes, lots of popele in the world deal with aweful things and experience loss and scarcity, but no matter where you are and what your circumstances, you can always start to feel the abundance. And in my expeience it is the feeling it first taht makes a difference to it becomeing real in my life.  For years now I have basked in the safety of my classic abunance vizualisation.  Where all around me is light and glowing.  I am sitting in a room of gloriously design.  Design that delights every cell in my body.  It captures the sun, the warmth, the views, and fills the heart with the goodness of what can be created on earht.  And not just the way the room itself is designed, but the furniture that we are sitting on is beauty itself and holds the body like every point of contact is nurtured.  My clothes are exquisit, my jewerly sparkling, my shoes to die for.  And everyone else in the room is the same.  And as I look around me I realise the vast numbers of rooms that could be designed to feel like this, to work like this.  There is never one way for these things to work.  Then I become aware of the light that shines in. Every ray of sun has within it the power to create a planet.  Its warmth having travelled years and still it burns on.  I think of the brain power in that room and feel giggdy at the ability to think, create, design, feel, love and everything else that has no end point.  And I allow every cell in my body to soak in the hugness of it all. The infiity of it all.  And every cell in my body opens itself up to be part of the wealth.  Part of the energy.  Part of the creative powers of this life.  I look around me and know that even the most wealthy individuals, creative minds etc have only just scratched the surface of what human beings are capabile of.  When we look at the never ending abunance of energy on this planet we see that we have only just begun to understand how to tap into the endless possibilities that are open to humans.  The resources that are necessary for me to create my dreams in this state seem very easy to acquire.  They are childs play.  A sense of confidence and surity that what I am working towards in on its way in this state.  I jsut have to keep looking around me.  Keep focused on that sence of overwhelming energy and opporutnities just start to open up.  Those imaginings have come sharper and sharper into focus in the last ten years.  Now that I’m fifty, I can almost get to that state of cellular mediatition by just closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.  I like to look back at when I was 40 and see how I used to make such an effort and am glad taht oever the years these things have become easier and easier.


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