Yoga is now an everyday thing. Or at least every other day.  I particularly like the hot yoga. Maybe when I was born I got too cold once and every since I’ve been hankering after ever lasting warmth.  The way the sweat rolls off the body and all your ligaments and muscles get super suple is the most desireable feeling to me.  Each time I practice it I get better and better at staying totally present to the moment.  That is something that I don’t think I’ll ever truely master, but will always enjoy seeking.  When I was back in my 40s I became more and more interested in the practice of yoga. For the physical benefits initially, the way every move allowed the body to get to know itself in a different way, and to practice the art of being totally present.  The later is the one that today I am so pleased I put in all those hours for.  Each morning, when I am in Queenstown, in the winter, I head down to the hot yoga studio and do my hour and a half practice.  I wear my little yoga outfit and take my own matt.  I love the first moment when you get off the ground and the class starts a sort of calm expecation comes over me and I start to foucs on my breathing in and out. These days an hour and a half class only feels like about 15 mins becasue I’ve become so adapt at being in the moment.  I’m supple, strong, fit, lean and full of energy.  The yoga reminds me of what a blessing my body has been to me over the years.  Back when I was fourty the last of any body stuggles, obsession etc dissipaered.  Good old Jon Gabriel put an end to all of that thinking and struggle and I have spent the last ten years feeling totally free within my self.  I eat whatever I want, whenever I want.  But what I want to eat has changed.  I want only beautiful foods.  Meals made with love.  Ingredients with integrity.  I have boundless energy.  I never have to make myself go for a run or a bike ride or a yoga class.  I never have to make myself eat a good meal.  Those things are just a natural desire for me now.   My waldrobe is full of clothes that fit me.  All my favourite designers are in there.  I love getting dressed in the morning.  I love knowing that I will fit my clothes from one season to the next.  That I can think about what kind of look I like rather than what looks flattering – the burden of the always a tiny bit overwieght.  I can see myself doing my yoga until the day I die.


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