The first million

A million dollars.  It has a nice ring to it.  And its true, or at least it is for me, that the first million was the hardest to make.  Even though its not nearly as much money now as it was even ten years ago, when I made my first million, it still has that ring.  A million dollar body, a million dollar painting, a million dollar view.  We through around the term and know exactly what it means.  It was a momentous occasion for me when I did make my first one.  G and I and Liz and Fred all went and had a hell of a celebration.  It was a speedrenting success that we hadn’t even seen coming.  We were bustling away, totally believing in our business, but strangely not having huge success at the time and then, wham, from left field came the sponsorship deal with red bull and within 6 months we made our first millions.  10’s of millions.  Which meant Liz wrote me a million dollar check.  I looked at that check it utter disbelief, but with total conviction that it was always written.  It felt cool and hot in my hand all at once.  Delicious, not really because of the money, but because of what we had created, the buzz of our business, the excitment that what we had believed in paid off, the opportunities that that money would make available.  We took pics, we went to the bank and then we went and had a meal to die for.  That first million has since turned into several more, but it was that one that I felt my most grateful for, sweated the most for, visualized the most for and was most surprised at getting.  The millions really do just now attract each other, like other peoples experience.  I look back at myself in those days, back to before we made that kind of money and see that I there was a moment that I became successful way before I got any physical evidence of it.  I started being that person who’s business was going to happen.  I lived like it was a given.  We made plans to build our house, we spoke of the times when we would be able to help other family members do things they dreamed of, we planned our trips, we delighted in ability.  We never swayed from that fact that it was on its way.  The fact that arrived as swiftly and from a direction we had not anticipated was a little astonishing, but probably not to surprising to us.  I like to think sometimes about that tax bills I paid that year, the numbers in my account balance, the swift action that having our house built took.  Lovely, lovely memories.


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