The blacmore Jean Gallery

Wow, I love thinking about the balckmore jean gallery.  What a blast we have had over the years.  Painting, laughing, haveing shows.  We ghave had a lot of media attention, not only about our paitings, which are of course the focus of the whole thing, but about our friendship and the fun we have.  Over the yeasr you wouldn’t have had to wait long to hear peels of laugher coming from inside – and its become infectious.  People would start coming in saying to us, I’m having a bad day so I tjpght I’d come and get cheered up – knew I could get that hear.  So we astated to believe that that was what we were about. Its funny, that while our pintings were never humourous in content, people would oftne smile and chuckle to themselves when they walked past our paintings in their houses becuse ehty would remember the giggle they had with us.  Lots of poeple say that they can’t remember belly laughing since their twenties. But we do it all the time and we are in our fifties now. I don’t ever want to loose that.  G and I oten lye in bed in the evening and have a good old giggle.  He still makees me laugh.  And the month I have in Wellington every year is always a great hoot.  In fact I always start smiling a month before I go becuse I know how much fun we are going to have.  These last ten years in the gallery have been fabulous.  We always sell out now  We started selling out ofter the first rave reveiw we got in Art News which was the first pulication that commented on our fun.  And that was early days, back in 2010 I think it was.  And now we sell our every winter with our group show.  We are a bit more sophicatied now – we have a floor manager who runs the gallery and a couple of sponsors who provide wine and food and invites etc – nowthat we have to limite the number o fpopele who come to the opening.  Its all very posh and swanky and we always go shopping the three of us before the show and buy a new outfit.  maddie of course comes with us and gets a new dress for the show as well.  G used to always come to the opentings, but it become a bit of a girls thing – he likes to go on a fishing charter weekend with the boys – and luaghs that I’ll pay for it. I couldn’t be happier knowing that my art work allows him to also have a fun weekend.  What could be more of a blessing than that??


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