An unwavering belief in who you are

We could debate for years who we are.  All the different spiritual and religious groups have a point of view about this topic. Some are similar – who you are is the observer – and some stand alone. You are gods worker.  Or more basically that term is used to describe physical atributes of who we might be.  A woman. A mother.  A wife. An artist.  I like to think of all those parts of who I am.  Granted I’ve spent a lot of time in mediation accessing the ‘observer’.  Its a great place to be. A great place to learn and develop and has added a huge amont to my life.  I’ve also learnt that if I’m not developoing who I’m observing, then it being an observer gets a bit boring.  Sure, some might argue, what we do and our physical attributes have nothing to do with who we are and I can go along with that theory on any given sunday – yet – I still love to know that who I’m observing, and lets face it I don’t get to sit in mediation and observe anyother body, is making the most of what they’ve been given.  And so over the last ten years or so, since I was about 40 I’ve just put a stake in the ground and headed off on a road to being an artist, one that is reverred and renown and well known and a writer of bestselling proportions, a business person who has created a global business, a fun and loving mum, a deeply loved wife and loving and fun friend.  I’m a family person through and through – my friends and work collegues all part of my large, bustling extended family.   My house, actually both my houses are hubs for the family and work that I surround myself in.  Its been a jounrney towards becoming that in the last ten years, unfolding in front of me as I head toward the future that I’ve believed wholeheartedly in.  And that has made all that mediation and observation worth doing.  And the meditation has made the belief so much more real.  Its made it crystal clear and totally part of me.  I know the science now, behind how meditation and imagination effect your life.  It all makes sense to me.  The more we believe in something, the more we see evidence for that reality and the more it comes into focus.  Its easy to do on a negative scale and takes practice using it to change your life. I’ve never had an instance where it doesn’t work though.  I’ve come to understand that if something is not coming about, then I’m somewhere not beliveing it possible.  I’ve already written in off in my unconcious brain.  At 50 I love the way I’ve mastered this stuff and look back at myself with compassion at the fumbling way I started off when I first began to practice this way of living.  I love that I can still look ahead of me and create a world from my thoughts and feelings and slowing walk towards it. Bring on 60!


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