A word about jewelery

Why is it that even though I don’t wear jewelery all the time I love it as much as I do.  It one of those things.  When I close my eyes and imagine the things that make me smile, jewelery is always there. Flowers, good shoes, great sex, belly laughing, sleeping in with a cup of tea to wake up gently, swimming in bath warm water, food that makes the whole body smile.  They are all there too, but jewelery has its own special place. It’s imbued with history and love and the gems seem to capture a little of who wears them and passes it on to the next guardian.  I’m making a collection for Maddie.  She loves to get amongst my gems and dress herself up.  She spends hours picking and looking and playing.  Its a special treat, still, while she is only ten.  We talk about each piece, how the colour gets into the stones.  The people that think about the best use of the stones and metal and make them into something that vastly outweighs the value of their parts.  Her favourite piece is a sting of rough cut diamonds.  Its very simple.  A long string that goes around my neck several times and is stung on a very light gold chain.  You almost don’t see the chain unless you look very closely.  It’s light and sparkly and brightens up the face of anyone who wears it.  The diamonds are all different shapes, but basically the same size. They are clear as a bell, but rough rather than sharply cut.  I love the understated simplicity of it.  Maddie tells a story about each stone and how they came to be on the same string.  Her creativity delights my heart.  My favourite is a yellow diamond ring that G bought me for our 5th anniversary.  He got Tory in Wellington to make it.  Its very close to the ring Nan used to wear, but a yellow stone instead of white.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.  He’d never really shown much interest in Jewelery, but he had heard me speak of ‘the ring’ and got Justin to draw it for him and took it to Tory.  To this day I call it Nan’s ring.  I wear it mostly as an engagement ring even though we were married way before I got it.  I’m not sure what I love most about that piece.  The design and beauty of it or the story behind it.  Whatever, it’s my favourite.  Maddie too, has a happy story about her mum and dad and the ring.  One day I’ll give her all my jewelery, maybe when I’m dead, or maybe before.  I love to know that it will be hers one day.  OTher than those two pieces I have a collection that has built up from our travels, from our anniversaries, from interesting times.  Each piece tells a story and each piece has its own fantasy story made up by maddie.  Maybe that is why I love my jewelery so much.


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