Mountain biking…

Mountain biking will always be on the agenda for me.  I’ve done it for years and years. I bought my first truely gorgeous bike back in the mid ‘oo and now I buy myself an new one every 5 years or so. It like a little reminder that everything that makes mountain biking good, makes life good.  When I look up a few bends ahead my body and bike just know how to follow.  I go faster and smoother and much less stress.  When I look to close to my front wheel I cannot prepare myself for the terrain that is about to arrive.  When I over think what I’m doing it all turns to custard.  But when I relax and trust myself I can just feel my way into it.  Over the last ten years these principles have keep me on well on my path.  I’ve trusted myself to follow where I’m going.  Every time I’ve started to get to concerned about whats under my wheels now instead of what is up ahead I’ve last my way.   Every time I fall I get stronger.  Every time I forget that there is a certain amount of training needed to keep the body fit.  Every time I remember to believe in myself, to treat my body with good heath and nutrition it all comes together.  My these principles have helped me in believe in dreams and helped them come true.  Building my waiheke house, winning my art awards, developing my love for Graeme, being a mother, haveing a global business.  Its all there in the zen of mountain biking. I love going into my garage and just looking at my bike sometimes.  Its carried my a long way.  Its a beautiful mechanical machine. and I’m not really even someone who appreicaites machines.  But this one I know feels so good to ride.  I have also got Graeme to appreciate his bike.  I started buying a new one for him when I bought my own. I mean we have the money.  We have a pretty basic life for the wealth we have created, so I like every so often to shower him with an unexpected gift.  I love that he doesn’t need the latest and the greatest with everything he does.  That he is happy with stuff that basically works and I also love surprising him with things that I know he will love.  My mountain bike lives in Queenstown these days.  I love going off to some of the little bike towns for a day or two – take the tent, maddie and a couple of her mates and ride for three or four days in a row.  So much fun.  We also sometimes, just to spoil ourselves will head to rotorua for a few days and take the bikes. I have a great little b and b we stay in.  We ride in the morning and then I write in the afternoon.  It cleanses my mind and fills me with delight.


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