the waiheke gallery

The opening of the new waiheke gallery, toi, coincided with the raise of Jane, Anne and my own fame.  In fact that year it opened we had a show there together and it was a huge success.  They were the only non-waiheke artists that were allowed to show there.  Because of their link to me.  We had a sponsor who bought boat loads of guests to the gallery to have nibbles and wine and then onto cable bay for dinner.  It was very cool.  I sold out, in fact we all sold out in the first three nights.  The rest of the two weeks that it was on, we took commissions.  We got some great publicity from that show too. Becuase we had advertised in art news they did are big follow up article about us and metro had pics in their whats happening around auckland mag.  It got the ball rolling.  We have gone onto having shows all around the world from that show.  The three of us, sometimes being joined by Alison from Byron Bay, but mainly the three of us.  I like to close my eyes at night and reel back the years to when it was all happening for us.  Its a distant memory now, but I’ll never forget it.  I can even remeber the dress I wore on the opening night. I world dress I’d be eyeing up for months.  It was a little symbol to myself that it was my night.  Cable bay had put on the wine because of the connection they forged with the law firm that sponsored us.  And becuase of the other poeple on the island taht came to the show.  The Colins, the Fords, the Gows, the Todds, the Fyfes, the Hearts and all the others that people like Cable bay liek to keep close at hand.   There I was in my dress, feeling like a million bucks, drinking a gorgeous rose and chatting to all my neighbours, or semi neigbours and knowing that my paintings were going back to their houses soon.  Thoese were good times.  I remember Anne-Marie got a huge commission for a house down at the bottom end.  A three meter long peice. It gave her huge confidnece to paint on a large scale.  It’s her strongest work.  I can’t remember exactly, but our london show came after that.  We had Air New Zeland sponsor us becuase the Fyfes live on the island and they wanted to take a show over to london to wine and dine their compatriotes in Haymarket.  Fun times.  I got a new dress for that show too.  I even got G excited about comeing shopping with me for it!!  How that happened, I’ll never know.  Those are gooed memories, now, 10 years down the track, to hold onto.


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