Speedrenting, those early heady days

Speedrenting is the forth business that I have been involved in starting.  So I guess you could call me a serial entrupreneur.  I like the ring of it. And I like the thrill of the start.  The possibilites for the business are always so endless in those first few years.  I always learn way more that I put in.  I guess you could call it a cheap education with huge potentail returns.  The returns for the other businesses have been realitively small.  It wasn’t until Speedrenting that we really hit the big time.  Now that we are in 16 countries, running in 10 laungages and almost a world wide name.  We have been won a few awards for being good business people.  We won entrepruesue of the year award (well Lizzie did) a couple of years ago, just before she sold the business.  We sold for about 50 million. That meant I got 10 million.  I owned 20% of the business at that point and I was very happy with that.  It set G and I up for life basically.  We built our houses that Just and Lou designed.  the overriding memory I have of speedrenting is the fun we had. The hysterical laughing we would get into sometimes.  The excitement that we had that we were actually making the thing work.  A couple of old ducks doing a young persons business.  We loved too that we were breaking all the rules.  We got told a couple of times along the way by people who are ‘experts’ that we were doing it all wrong.  We had people say they had no faith in us.  But we had faith in ourselves.  In fact it was unsakable and unfailingly determined.  that was us.  It took liz a few years of false starts and it took a little longer than expected, but once it took off, boy did it take off.  It hit the tipping point very early on.  When looking back we could not have timed it more perfectly.  We got our ducks in a row just as the facebook advertzing phenonomen took off and we rode the crest of that wave.  We took off with one of the facebook marketplace applications and away we went.  We didn’t have to sell anything to the bars anymore – they started coming to us.  We thought it would take a year to get ten bars up and running, but it only took 4 months.  That’s the thing with facebook – once it goes it goes.  And everybody all of a sudden wanted to meet people at speedrenting rather than at their flats.  It was so much cooler and easier and safer.  Ten years down the track I sometimes think about starting another business.  I would work with liz again, but I like writing my books and painting for my exhibitions and thinking back on thoese crazy businesses days with delight and love.  Its nice to know that I’ve left the world a slightly bigger place.  And a slightly different place. One that is more fun, safer and better all round.


One Response to “Speedrenting, those early heady days”

  1. Mig Says:

    Have just found your blog. Wow!

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