The red dot…

There is something about the red dot as an artist that is fundamentally appealing.  Its shape and colour can be seen even if its minute, particuarly on a white wall.  I have calendars full of them.  Each month detailing the paintings that I’ve sold.  I like to close my eyes and imagine the red dots filling up the calendar from now.  I feel myself peeling the little dot off the piece of paper and sticking it to the date.  The satisfaction of another painting sold.  I like that.  It makes me feel good that people are getting enjoyment out of my work.  It reminds me of how many I’ve sold and it makes me feel good about how many I have to go.  I love when they get together in wee clumps.  Huddling like they want to be part of a community.  And even thought the paintings are often out at different locations its a physical reminder that they once shared a wall.  I know I can photographs of that wall with all the art on it, but for me the dots are a more viseral memory of a show.  I flick back and its real for me.  The people that came.  The paintings that I’d been making.  The hanging of the show.  The anxious nervousness beforehand, would anyone turn up.  The butterflies thoughout the show.  The blessing I”d give them as they went to different owners.  The lovely seen of contribution as people claimed them for there walls.  Whenever I see a red dot now I smile inside.  Its like a little private conversation between me and it. Yes, it says, I am here for you.  I am a demonstation that your paintings are important to people.  And to lots and lots of people.  People who over the last ten years have grown in exponential numbers.  Sales dribbled in for years until I turned 40.  Then I did that brain science study and I suddenly became more well known.  I started getting calls out of the blue.  Poeple started turning up in droves to my studio.  I had two annual shows that were sell out successes.  It was heady times.  And now, that I’m 50 I feel proud of what I’ve done.  Proud and satisfied.  And I’m looking forward to the next ten.


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