The wallace arts trust award…

Becoming a finalist in the Wallace Arts Award was another turning point back in 2010.  There were so many that year.  I guess that was the year I got my head together.  Or should I say I got my head out of the way.  I started relying on my intuition, really allowing my desires to be known, and beliving wholeheartedly in them. And then doing what I had to do to bring those desires to be.  For me that meant a lot of vizulazation, a lot of taking the next step a lot of letting go of what I thought I knew, and a lot of acceptane of where I was and a lot of dancing in the moment.  I started really loving life.  Partly I think because I became healthy.  I had the nuturiets I needed to function well.  I ate well.  I respected my body. My brain started having energy to think.  It was no longer against me.  For years before that I had be working just to get ontop of my moods.  Of fighting food cravings.  Of being in a body I felt uncomfortballe in.  And then it all sort of came together.  I started loveing my body. Not because it became more lovealbe but because it needed love.  I respected it.  I accepted it and I feed it well.  And it responsed in the most amazing way.  It let go of weight.  It stopped derieing foods that were not good for it.  It had energy.  And my brain was part of that.  It started functioning properly.  It gave up the depressing past.  It got excited about its desires. It started to love itself and other people.  It became connected in a way that it never new before.  And I look back over the last ten years and can see the marked difference that year.  I became slim.  I became sucessful.  I stopped raalling against the world.  I became at one with it.  I didn’t judge myself harshely when things didn’t go how I expected.  And the most amazing things started to happen.  I became a finalist in the wallace art award.  And I won the waiheke art award.  Can you believe it.  I had entered a few times before and never even been a finalist and then all of a sudden with my shell works they were what the judges were looking for.  It was an extraordinary feeling.  The same with the wallace trust award.  It was a smallish peice. About 400 by 400 on a beautiful peice of whitewashed wood.  The gains were visable in the background and the realisty of the shell stuck on where a beautiful mixture.  And I becane to make them into the most peaceful beaufitul shapes. always moving out from one another.  It was then taht I got invited to be in a group show with the folks down in Wellington.  I got a whole bunch of offers from galleries around the country.  It was quite extraordary.  And I think that was the year that Anne-Marie won the award.  So very cool.


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